The ability to integrate is in the core of the business. Read more about our integration services with hyperautomation and digital integration hub capabilities.

Integration Solutions

Try our efficient DevOps teams to handle the pace and quantum of development work and changes to existing ones. Agility and ability varying allocation of work are built-in.

API and API management development with Frends iPaaS
Agile Integration Model by Frends to enable fast delivery and time-to-market
60% less robots needed with Hyperautomation solutions including integrations, RPA and AI together.
Digital Integration Hub deliveries for digitalization and modernization of legacy

Integration Architecture

A building must have a robust foundation to stand the test of time. The same applies to integration - foundation must be designed to withstand pace and quantum of changes and new business requirements.

50% Savings in IT costs compared to spaghetti integrations
34% Less costs in integration development due to reusability
An integration platform setup that is 100% in line with your business needs
70% less robots needed in BPA and RPA

Frends Academy

Equip your developer team with the latest skillset to build, operate, and manage integration solutions with Frends platform.

Frends Online Academy
Hosted trainings
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Frends Support

Let us take care of your production management so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Service availability up to 24/7 - also during holidays
Full visibility to production status
Lower your maintenance cost by centralizing and harmonizing ways of working​
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Enable Digitalization - Achieve Savings via automation

A modern integration platform bends in many ways: it can kill a spaghetti monster in the data center, automate processes and routine work better than, for example, software robotics alone, or enable digitalization by publishing interfaces - APIs- from existing systems. Besides, it enables the monitoring and management of all data flows. Data flows may include, for example, in-house CRM integrations, HR integration, or partner relationships. Combining the integration platform, RPA tool, and Machine Learning leads to a hyperautomation platform.

Our integration specialists invest in understanding the customer's business and goals, technology only serves as a tool to achieve goals. We can help you succeed in your goals with a comprehensive service portfolio, whether it's mapping your early integration architecture or developing agile operating models that already exist. We deliver integration solutions with strong professionalism and the best tools available - like Frends Integration Platform as a Service and Azure Integration Services - to meet your business needs.

Frends' own Service unit:

155 Integrators in Frends + wide partner network

300+ Service Customers

35 years of experience in integration and automation

7 Integration teams in three countries

Why start with onboarding services?

Onboarding services ensure you and your company gets exactly what you need. Whether you want to train yourself as Do-It-Yourself integrator or create a road map and architecture plan based on your business needs.

Well-designed integration architecture:

  • ensures efficient development of APIs and process automation - including RPA.
  • helps you to avoid costly mistakes in the performance, security, and deployment model of integrations.

Integration Architecture

Are you enabling digital services or decided to achieve savings via process automation - robotic or not? Does the Integration Architecture planning sound too heavy? Frends' Integration Assessment is a light-weight survey to map and chart your existing integration needs.

Integration needs assessment

What's so special in integration development?

We develop your integration with the best tools available whether your need is to enable digital services via APIs or get to the next level of automation by combining an integration platform with RPA and Machine Learning. This next-level has a name: hyperautomation.

Our DevOps teams have sharpened the development and deployment process especially for the needs of integration and automation development, no matter whether they are a part of the larger waterfall project or agile development. After initial projects, the pace on quantum of changes to integration developers and platform are huge - this is why we need specialized DevOps teams and integration platform that has agility built-in.

Integration Solutions

White paper: Integration Buyer's Guidebook

How to govern integrations?

The Pace and Quantum of changes in integration development are huge. When everything is connected, the nerve center we call the integration platform - is the place where you can stop changes from spreading from system to system and monitor all your data flows in a centralized way. How to govern the integration platform? Read about our Integration Competency Center and coaching services.


Integration Handbook

White paper: How to build Agile ICC

Integration start-up packages

Training packages - Frends pricing

What is Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS)?

Would you like your delivery fully as a Service? Integration can also be thought of as a complete service. That means delivering the solution with only a service purchase - we provide an invisible integration platform, a pre-agreed amount of maintenance and service work, and continuous development (standard changes). The Integration platform and the solution built on top of it have a single SLA for the customer - and a single monthly service fee.


Our Integration development teams are located in Finland, Poland, and Sweden.