Frends' Agile Integration Competency Center or ICC ensures simple management of integration solutions from owner recognition to implementation and maintenance.

More agile Integration Competency Center

ICC directs the company's integration solutions' development, maintenance and functioning systematically and still in an agile way. ICC ensures the best technological solutions are used and business needs are met in all your integration needs. ICC keeps agile integration solutions and more long-term projects in track with the company strategy.

ICC in 2020

Modern ICC identifies mandatory tasks of enterprise integration delivery and management and brings these functions together virtually. Modern ICC enables centralized control and view for all integrations in an IT-landscape where integration-related tasks and responsibilities are more and more distributed to different people and business units within the organization.

What ICC does?

  • ICC creates a way to deliver business requirements in technical integration solutions.
  • ICC ensures that all suppliers gather needed artifacts (descriptions needed in integrations, definition maps, cases, etc.) before starting the development work. This decreases the amount of iteration, cuts costs and makes development agile.
  • ICC manages integration work and makes sure that all integration solutions are fit for purpose and created with the right practices.
  • ICC makes sure all supplier's processes fit together and generate a coherent solution.
  • ICC manages existing integrations or suppliers taking care of them.
  • ICC makes roles and responsibilities in integrations more clear
  • ICC creates and deploys best fitting integration work processes for the organization.

HiQ has over 30 years of experience from integration development. We are happy to help our clients setting up ICC by organizing workshops.

In our Agile ICC workshops we

  • Go through organizations' current integrations and existing practices
  • Create integration development model best fit for the organization
  • Think through ICC related responsibilities in the organization
  • Agree about needed actions to deploy ICC and best practices for all stakeholders

All implementations are custom made to fit your company's culture and practices. We can also provide our experts to help you with ICC implementation.

Get to know how you can manage your Integration Competency Center (ICC) from our White Paper: "Agile Integration Competency Center". In this white paper we discuss a framework model for the integration management, the benefits of ICC, and how you can put its methods into use in your organization. Simplicity is the innovation!