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Let us take care of your APIs, integrations and automations. Focus on your core business.

Welcome to Frends Support Service - your trusted partner in managing and maintaining complex integration solutions.

At Frends, we offer more than just technical support. With decades of industry experience and over a two hundred integration experts at our disposal, we provide unparalleled expertise and insights into ensuring the smooth operation of your integration systems. Our vast experience in the field equips us with an in-depth understanding of the complexities inherent in integrations and allows us to preemptively tackle issues before they arise.

Our team is composed of adept professionals who specialize in the operation and maintenance of integration systems. They understand the ins and outs of these systems, their potential challenges, and how best to optimize them for enhanced performance. Our collective expertise ensures that your integration solutions are always functioning at peak efficiency, letting you focus on your core business operations.

At Frends Support Service, we are committed to delivering exceptional support services that go beyond addressing immediate technical issues. We focus on providing proactive maintenance, continuous monitoring, and performance optimization to minimize downtime and keep your integration systems running seamlessly.

Trust in Frends Support Service to navigate the complexities of your integration systems. With our unparalleled industry expertise, innovative strategies, and dedicated customer service, we are uniquely positioned to empower your business through efficient and reliable integration operations.

At Frends, we believe that effective support is proactive, not reactive, and that belief drives everything we do. Let us manage your integration systems so you can manage your business. Welcome to Frends Support Service. Frends Contact Paths

35+ year of support experience

8h to 1h reaction time

800+ Environments running under SLA

32% smaller TCO with experienced support engineers

Frends Support Packages

Which of our support service packages fits your needs best?

Standard SLA = Base Fee + T&M work

Experience ultimate peace of mind with Frends Support Service, designed for all companies using Frends Enterprise iPaaS and those with internal IT teams. Enjoy our SLA-proven, timely response to production incidents. Benefit from transparent pricing with a low fixed base fee, plus invoicing based on actual work hours. We're here when you need us - effective, efficient, and reliable.

Fits best for When you want
All companies with Frends Enteprise iPaaS SLA proven sanctioned reaction for production incidents
Companies with internal IT staff and integration knowledge Low fixed cost, invoicing based on realized work hours + base fee

From 950€ / month

Enterprise SLA = Fixed monthly fee, work included

Opt for Frends Support Enterprise SLA, ideal for companies managing a high volume of integrations or navigating a complex IT landscape. Let us shoulder your support responsibilities, providing you with a reliable outsourced solution. Enjoy the certainty of predictable maintenance fees. Simplify your IT management - we've got you covered.

Fits best for When you want
High amount of integrations Support responsibility outsouced
Complex IT landscape Predictable maintenance fees

From 4500€ / month

IaaS = Integration as a Service

Discover Frends' turnkey IaaS solution, perfect for businesses with a low number of integrations or smaller internal IT capabilities. Get a ready-to-use integration solution tailored to your needs and enjoy the simplicity of predictable maintenance fees. Leave the technical details to us and focus on what you do best. It's integration made easy.

Fits best for When you want
Low amount of integrations A turnkey integration solution
Companies with small internal IT or without IT Predictable maintenance fees

From 1250€ / month

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