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We take care of your integration investment, making sure solutions function and stay up to date. You can concentrate on your core business.

Production is the most crucial phase of the solution’s lifecycle. Functioning support and maintenance for a production environment ensures the continuity of business. We take care of your service with the experience of over 300 customers and with agile service models through a single contact point.

  • Free your key resources to development
  • Reduce personnel risks, service availability up to 24/7
  • Full visibility to development and production status
  • Lower maintenance costs with solid operating models

24/7 service availability

60,000 tickets successfully solved per year

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Health Checks

Ensure business contonuity with Frends Support services. We will take full production responsibility for:

Operations and Intergration Support

__Incident management __

Taking rapid actions to respond to and resolve critical incidents:

  • Detection
  • Reporting
  • Categorising severity
  • Investigation
  • Resolution and recovery
  • Closing the incident case
  • Follow-up
  • Communication (regular updates on the
  • progress of the resolution)
  • Supplementing the documentation

__Change management __

Assessing the needs for technology and business transformation and implementing the changes:

  • Identifying the change need
  • Recording the change need
  • Identifying change and impacts together with the customer
  • Review
  • Customer approval
  • Adding the change on the small-scale development backlog
  • Backlog management

Health checks

Inspecting and reporting on:

  • Interruptions and errors accumulated
  • Integrations that are disabled
  • Size of databases and database logs
  • Problems with remote connections
  • Product update recommendations
  • Monitoring configurations
  • Status of documentation

__Service management __

  • Maintenance of tools and documentation
  • Reporting
  • Monthly Service meetings
  • Resource management
  • Communication

Integration standard changes

Implementing changes to process configurations that can be done without accessing process editor/code:

  • Changes to schedules
  • Changes to connection points
  • Environment variables
  • Amount of retries

__Traning services __

  • Frends training for developers
  • Frends training for administrators
  • Architecture guidance
  • Hands-on guidance to solve specific issues

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