BizTalk end-of-life - what's next?

Microsoft has marked BizTalk's mainstream end of life for 2028 and its extended end of life for two years later. Companies with Microsoft stack have a great choice: Frends.

Microsoft has marked BizTalk's mainstream end of life for 2028 and its extended end of life for two years later, planning to withdraw technical support for the solution thereafter, with no new versions announced so far.

This might feel like a distant concern. However, delaying a platform migration for a forward-looking organization can hinder aspirations for growth and additional digital transformation, potentially lagging them behind rivals.

Even organizations choosing BizTalk's extended upgrade option only enjoy the advantages of specific security updates and ongoing support until 2030.

If you want to stay on the Microsoft stack, there is an alternative choice for going to Azure Integration Services - Frends.

Frends iPaaS, an integration platform as a service, allows you to develop, manage, and secure all API integrations and process automation within a single, potent platform. Frends offers a single browser-based view for developing and monitoring all APIs, process automation, and API management. Frends is lean, low-code, and so intuitive that Business IT can operate it, earning recognition in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant.

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The platform leverages the globally recognized BPMN 2.0 standard for the visual design of integrations, APIs, and automation orchestrations, using open-source .Net Tasks. Frends also got twelve G2 badges, Easiest Admin 2023 and Fastest Implementation 2023.

For companies in Microsoft stack, Frends offers the following benefits

  1. Move to Azure without going to more code and development-oriented platform-style integrations. This results in better TCO.
  2. Public and predictable pricing - no nasty surprises in scaling.
  3. Fast Implementation (G2 peer review - Fastest Implementation 2023 Spring)
  4. Easy Administration (G2 peer review - Easy Admin 2023 Spring)
  5. Extend Frends task library with own .Net Tasks when needed. Reuse the open-source tasks that we and our Frends community has made. Frends has the same code extension capabilities as Azure functions - you can write your own Tasks and C# expression.
  6. Reuse existing BizTalk XSLT mappings with code blocks embedded. Although XSLT is standard, the way BizTalk allows developers can embed code within mappings is not.
  7. Ability to execute APIs and processes on-premises in addition to Azure.
  8. Built-in one-click deployment and version management. No need to build separate version control and deployment processes.


Frends in general

Frends iPaaS is secure and reliable, certified in accordance with International Standards, and highly ranked by Industry Peers. Moreover, it presents no hidden costs, offering all features irrespective of your subscription level and scaling with your business without affecting costs, ensuring predictable expenses and a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Frends iPaaS embraces a low-code approach to integration development, making it more than 10x more efficient than traditional methods. This approach eases monitoring and operations, with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) being one of the main reasons customers switch to Frends from existing iPaaS solutions.

Furthermore, Frends iPaaS utilizes a distributed architecture, allowing data and systems to be located in any public cloud or on-premises. This addresses technical issues like latency and regulatory challenges like data sovereignty. It also offers the benefits of a public cloud service alongside a local private data center.

So - start your BizTalk migration planning early and have some Frends.

Go to Frends for BizTalk Migration and see how an iPaaS like Frends can facilitate a smooth transition from BizTalk, ensuring your integration infrastructure is optimized for your business growth.


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