eiPaaS and the distributed architecture

What exactly is an eiPaaS and how is it different from iPaaS? What is distributed architecture?

What is the distributed architecture?

FRENDS’ architecture is based on something called distributed architecture, where components known as “agents” are deployed to an environment where the integration need is located. The integration development, monitoring and overall management is handled in the FRENDS UI, but the actual integration happens in the agents. This enables one of the key features of FRENDS which is that despite being a cloud service, by defining what is logged and what’s not, we can make sure any sensitive data from the on-premise environments for example, doesn’t end up in the cloud. You decide what functionality gets executed where.

To make things even simpler and efficient, only one agent is needed to communicate with all the systems in one environment (e.g. intranet or in a cloud environment such as Azure or AWS). The agents also communicate with each other, which for example enables seamless data collection from multiple environments/systems into a place where the data is needed.