Frends Customer Support: How Frends Combines AI Chatbot Efficiency with Exceptional Human Service

This is how Frends' customer support system has become more robust and is receiving high praise from customers.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

Late last year, Frends team took a significant step forward in enhancing our customer support by introducing an AI Support Chatbot named Fin by Intercom. This addition was aimed at boosting our capability to offer more efficient and smarter support solutions. Several months later, the results are in and remarkably positive. Our support system has become more robust and is receiving high praise from our customers. Frends has long been recognized for providing accessible and personalized support services. Fin's integration has built upon this foundation, adding a new layer of efficiency and effectiveness to our customer support.

"We know how support can be cumbersome and impersonal in the IT industry, so for us in Frends, it is important to differentiate and offer a refreshingly accessible and responsive support experience," says Markus Haverinen, Head of Frends Support Operations.

Efficient Support with AI Chatbot Fin

The introduction of Fin, the AI chatbot, has been a major stride forward. Handling over 450 customer interactions, Fin has reached a resolution rate of 59.0% in the last 30 days, significantly higher than the average industry benchmark of a 41% resolution rate. This high efficiency has been key in reducing ticket resolution times, as Fin independently resolves most cases. This allows the human support team to focus more effectively on complex issues, enhancing overall service quality.

Impact in Numbers

98.3% Engagement: Fin has been involved in 98.3% of all customer support conversations.

52.6% Independent Resolution: Fin alone has resolved 52.6% of all support requests without human intervention.

Markus facebook Markus Haverinen, Head of Frends Support Operations

"The synergy between Fin's AI capabilities and the human team's expertise has improved our efficiency and enhanced the quality of our customer interactions. I am convinced that this balance of technology and personalized attention is the future of customer support. This is just a first step towards going beyond the AI hype and into reality," comments Markus.

Real Feedback from Custumers

AddSecure's Emphasis on Accessibility

AddSecure values Frends' approachability: "Frends stands out as a solution provider that is always reachable and available, a crucial aspect in today's fast-paced business environment."

Noting Support's Efficiency

Aku Karhunen from Efecte notes the platform's capabilities and support: "Frends offers an easy-to-learn and powerful platform for building and maintaining a wide range of integrations. Their support team's efficiency and helpfulness are noteworthy."

Frends customers have been highly reviewing the Frends platform’s support services and overall ease-of use.

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Personalized Support and Being Close to Our Customer

Frends has established a unique position in the B2B/iPaaS market by ensuring immediate support assistance:

"In the IT industry where reaching out to support can be a daunting task, often marked by long waits and impersonal interactions, I find that Frends' approach is both refreshing and impactful, and our support makes us stand out. Frends has experienced significant growth and expansion over the past year, and I'm pleased to report that our support services have remained steadfast, even in the face of increasing demand," concludes Markus.

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