Frends iPaaS and Epical enter a strategic partnership within integration solutions

Frends iPaaS, the Nordic integration platform, and the data consultancy Epical have joined forces in a strategic partnership to strengthen their offerings in the Nordic market.

Sandra Siljestedt


Sandra Siljestedt

Marketing Manager at Frends Sweden

Frends iPaaS, the leading Nordic integration platform, and the data consultancy Epical, recently established subsidiary of IT services company Enfo, have joined forces in a strategic partnership which strengthens their offerings in the Nordic market. Through their combined expertise, the companies will offer tailored solutions and handle complex integration challenges, with the aim to enable increased efficiency and to facilitate successful digital transformation for their customers.

Image: Mikko Valorinta (left), Jukka Rautio (right).

In line with Frends' earlier announcement, Boliden needed an integration platform capable of seamlessly handling both cloud and on-premises data. Boliden selected Frends iPaaS as the ideal solution. To facilitate the transition, the IT consultancy Enfo, today its subsidiary Epical, was chosen to ensure the smooth migration from the current solution while enhancing and optimizing the existing integration platform. On the 1st of June 2023, Enfo adopted a new corporate structure and separated its business into two independent businesses. Epical was established as a subsidiary of Enfo and is a Nordic pure-play data consultancy with services and expertise to support and enable the management, utilization, and protection of customers’ data.

Today, Frends iPaaS and Epical announce their strategic partnership, strengthening their presence in the Nordic region and expanding their offerings. Through this partnership, Epical combines its extensive expertise in integration development alongside the offering of Frends. As a result, both new and existing customers can utilize modern and secure technology for renewing and evolving their integration platforms, while seamlessly integrating with legacy systems.

Together Frends and Epical offer tailored solutions and assist customers in managing complex integration challenges. Through their partnership, the companies effectively integrate diverse systems, and create a seamless and secure connection between on-premises and cloud-based environments. This results in enhanced efficiency and drives digital transformation for customers. Collaboratively, Frends and Epical will assist organizations in optimizing their operations, fostering innovation and growth, while providing a high-quality, safe, and GDPR compliant solution.

"We are thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Epical. It propels us forward as we empower businesses with seamless integrations and drive successful digital transformations. By combining our expertise, we can provide comprehensive solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Together, we will optimize operations, foster innovation, and deliver high-quality, secure, and GDPR compliant solutions,” says Jukka Rautio, CEO of Frends.

"We are excited to join forces with Frends iPaaS in this strategic partnership, and it marks an important step ahead for Epical and our customers. Together, our synergies will bring substantial benefits to customers, enhancing their capacity to drive their businesses efficiently and successfully in a safe digital environment they can trust. We are delighted to offer our customers an expanded portfolio of tailored, data-driven solutions and the ability to tackle complex integration challenges,” says Mikko Valorinta, CEO of Epical.

Image: Mikko Valorinta (left), Jukka Rautio (right).

For more information, please contact:

Sandra Siljestedt, Marketing Manager Frends Sweden +46 70-742 42 98

Stina Thor, Sr. Communications Manager & Sustainability Lead Epical +46 70-214 3324

About Epical Our expertise is data, our product is trust. Epical is a Nordic data consultancy specialized in areas such as data & analytics, security, applications and integrations. Together with our 500 digital experts, we support and enable the management, utilization and protection of customers’ data. We believe that responsible use of data is a powerful tool for creating positive change in the world, helping to solve some of our most pressing problems for our customers and the society around us. Since June 1, 2023, Epical is a subsidiary of Enfo Oyj.


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