Frends supports Moontalk's omnichannel customer service technology

Welcome, Moontalk, the most recent addition to the Frends family. Frends iPaaS strengthens Moontalk's strategy to provide data-driven, omnichannel customer service to its customers and grow in the international markets.

Essi Järvinen


Essi Järvinen

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Moontalk is a Finnish sales and customer service platform that started as an agile, mobile technology, snowballing in the Finnish market for the last four years. Now, the company focuses on providing an omnichannel solution that connects all customer data and interactions.

Moontalk identified providing more cost-efficient and straightforward integrations as a critical element of their growth strategy and internationalization. A hybrid, low-code integration platform would harmonize system integrations and strengthen customers' omnichannel customer service.

"Frends gives us scalability by complementing our solution. We appreciate working with such a major player in the market that has long experience and broad capabilities. For us, ecosystem thinking is in our DNA", says Jussi Patopuro, CEO of Moontalk.

Moontalk interface Moontalk Interface

First deployments are already underway. Patopuro assesses that 20 percent of its customer base has immediate capabilities for utilizing Frends iPaaS. With integrated data, companies can, for example, identify the caller and automatically update the customer information across channels. Moreover, it allows a holistic view of the customer journey instead of simply collecting siloed data and looking at it channel by channel.

"Frends iPaaS works as an integration layer that makes it easy to connect Moontalk with our customers' other systems, like ERPs and CRMs. As a result, customer service becomes more personal, efficient, and data-driven," says Jussi Patopuro.

Frends believes its platform provides the ideal backbone for Moontalk's SaaS solution.

"With our deep expertise in building and maintaining integrations, Moontalk can focus on its primary business. This cooperation allows us to grow together and create value for customers," says Juha Moisio, Head of Partner and Global Sales at Frends.

About Moontalk

Moontalk (formerly known as Mustalinja) is a Finnish technology company providing more efficient sales and customer service. Since 2018, Moontalk has focused on developing user-friendly communication tools that allow delightful interactions for end-users. Rapidly growing, Moontalk has 1300 customers in various industries, such as automotive, retail, and construction.

About Frends

Frends enterprise iPaaS is a European Enterprise Application Integration Platform as a Service that enables customers to integrate applications in the compliant cloud, hybrid, and on-premises. With Frends, you can develop, manage and secure all API integrations and process automations within one powerful platform. Lean, low-code, and truly hybrid, Frends is here to support seamless deployments and connections to any system. With Frends, you can save time and money on internal development, build and leverage re-usable and re-sellable integration connectors for your customers.

Frends platform was established in Finland in 1988 and has grown rapidly in the Nordic region's domestic markets and internationally, with customers in over 15 countries.


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