Kuopio Energy chose Hyperautomation solution powered by frends for its RPA challenge

The new partnership aims to cover the robotic process automation as a part of hyperautomation and support services for Kuopion Energia.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

Kuopio Energy has used frends integration platform since 2018. Recently the partnership has strengthened even more.

frends platform will start covering robotic process automation as a part of hyperautomation and support services. In hyperautomation, robotic process automation (RPA) is brought together with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) to get the best of both worlds.

frends integration platform has managed our integration and process automation with excellence and reliability. We are now expanding our centralized process automation to also cover solutions where robotic process automation is required, says Jani Miettinen, Head of ICT, Kuopio Energy.

About Kuopio Energy

Kuopio Energy group is a modern and versatile energy company. Kuopio Energy offers its customers competitive and reliable energy services and is socially and environmentally sustainable company. The company has over 59 000 electricity- and around 6 100 district heating customers. They have 135 employees in the group. Reliability in energy production needs efficient and bulletproof IT process automation.

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