Release notes for Frends 5.5.3

This Service release contains the beta release of the Management API for the UI.

Erkka Honkavaara


Erkka Honkavaara

Head of Frends R&D

This Service release contains the beta release of the Management API for the UI. It is a beta release, so you can try it out and give feedback. Some of the API signatures may change in the final release. You can read more about it here. Contact to have it enabled according to this guide.

This service release contains the following changes/fixes:



  • Beta release of the Management API
  • Process cleanup performance improved
  • Class names are now included in the Task name in the Process editor
  • API Triggers now allow using environment variable references outside of the API Spec
  • It is now possible to skip holidays for Monitoring rules alerting

Bug fixes

  • Back to list button fixed for Subprocesses started with run once
  • Process instance list had wrong columns for Processes started with run once
  • Process instance's Foreach loop index is now correctly incremented with the input element's controls when viewing the first iteration
  • Process Diff editor no longer crashes when viewing some parameters
  • Agent group names in URLs are no longer treated as case-sensitive
  • Toggling 'Retry on failure' sets the Process editor model as dirty and shows the save button
  • Fixed Monitoring rule processing for Max and Min aggregates
  • Fixed Process editor validation for Data Store and Data Object annotations
  • Cross-platform Gateway Agent installer download no longer fails when external address is not set
  • Azure SQL dependencies are now included in the Cross-platform Agent Windows installer
  • Process instance export is now filtered according to selected Agent Group
  • Environment Variable deletion fixed for variables with underscore in their name
  • Variable reference auto complete fixed when inside of curly braces



  • It is now possible to disable legacy TLS on Agents
  • Legacy Agent installer now checks that the SSL Certificate exists in the local machine store
  • Shared state key cleanup performance improved

Bug fixes

  • Agent can now be installed on a non-English Windows
  • Reintroduced AmqpWebSockets TranportType for Service Bus connections
  • Cross-platform Agent Windows installer no longer fails due to doublequotes in config
  • Redundant IOCompletionCallback errors no longer fill the log
  • Operating system specific libraries are now copied correctly when deploying Processes
  • Agent installation no longer fails if it fails to add user to the Performance counters group

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