Telia's MTV channel chose the Frends integration platform

Telia's MTV channel chose the Frends integration platform to tackle all of their integration needs from API's to connecting various legacy systems.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

Telia owned, MTV is Finland's largest commercial television company. Its core business is in producing local content, and its goal is to be number one in everything it does. The collection and analysis of information is a key to achieving the goal of creating better content and services for consumers.

Automating existing business processes for efficiency and including new technologies such as AI and Machine learning are central goals for MTV's IT strategy. Over the next few years, MTV will also continue to transition to Microsoft's Azure cloud services and develop software robotic process automation (RPA) and process automation by centralizing all integrations on the frends integration platform.

Integration challenges

One of the biggest challenges was the maintanace of legacy systems. Rapid growth, intensified competition and the transformation of operations into truly multi-channel operations posed challenges for MTV's ICT operations department to respond quickly and agilely to business requirements. In order to address those issues, MTV needed to onboard new systems and services at an extremely high rate, but they were not able to shut down existing legacy systems due to dependencies created directly between the older and newer systems. taht eventually led to MTV's operational tech stack consist of numerous systems implemented with different technologies.

Such point-to-point integration slowed down development of new customer facing services significantly and prevented MTV from fully taking advantage of the newer systems and processes.


MTV chose the Frends iPaaS as the strategic platform for the whole organization to enable communication between multiple legacy systems and more modern services built in the cloud. frends simplifies MTV's business processes while saving time and money through business process automation and visibility into integration flows.

With Frends, MTV has also finally been able to shut down existing legacy systems and on-premise server, gaining huge cost savings from an infrastructure and operational perspectives.

Results in Numbers

  • 1 200 000 integration flow executions per month
  • Over 100 systems and applications integrated
  • Over 1 000 integration processes and API's in use

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