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Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

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Gartner predicts that by 2024 low-code approach in application building would make up more than 65% of all app development functions and 66% of big companies would be using a minimum of four low-code platforms in their business operations. It means that low-code platforms are only getting stronger and more and more validated as an essential solution of the future!

frends' Roadmap

frends iPaaS' history goes as far back as 1988, and with more than 30 years of development, we made integrations and hyperautomation available to companies of all sizes, from medium-sized to large enterprises. Our future vision is to keep developing frends aligned with the industry's latest technological trends and together with our users.

Now you can have a look at our development roadmap, vote for the upcoming features, and propose new ones.


frends' Release Notes

Since the beginning of 2020, frends has had some breaking changes and capabiilities' enhancements. Read Developer Notes.

  • frends fully supports BPA or Business Process Automation, which can be used to create either short or long-running business process automations utilizing the visual BPMN 2.0 based process modelling language.

  • ETL integration scenarios in frends can process data in almost any format, including JSON, XML, CSV, Flat File, Fixed Width, EDI.

  • frends offers native API construction, API management, and data integration features, i.e. Data Security, Orchestration, API monitoring, Gateway, Data Transformation, and more.

Join frends

With our enterprise integration-platfom-as-a-service, we strive to help enterprises to enter the era of digital transformation. With us you can develop, manage and secure all your API integrations within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive.

Benefits of low-code

Low-code integrations and development can completely replace the traditional method of hand-coding an entire app, which means that by building applications visually, you can develop applications at least 10x faster and get the best out of your skilled developers.

code vs low-code

With low-code you can achieve:

Speed: With low-code, you can show stakeholders working integrations and API's in hours, or even minutes.

More resources: If you’re working on a big project, with low-code you no longer have to wait for developers with specialized skills to finish up another lengthy project, which means things get done more quickly and at a lower cost.

Low risk / high ROI: With low-code, robust security processes and cross-platform support are already built in and can be easily customized — which means less risk and more time to focus on your business.

Rapid deployment: Launch day can be a nerve-wracking experience. With low-code, pre-deployment impact assessments make sure your integrations work as intended. And if there are any unexpected behaviors, you can roll back changes with a single click.

If you are interested in learning more how frends works, get in touch with our team. or simply schedule a demo meeting or start a 30 day-frends free trial.

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