Vaimo and Frends Partnership: Together to strengthen eCommerce and digital businesses

Vaimo and Frends entered into the partnership to deliver best-in-the-market Digital Commerce solutions that take downstream and upstream supply chains to the whole new era of digitalized operations and customer experience.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

Vaimo is a full-service omnichannel agency that delivers strategy, design, development, and managed services to brands, retailers, and manufacturers worldwide. The company has been serving more than 500 B2B & B2C brands and merchants since 2008. Vaimo specializes in building digital commerce infrastructures and digital business processes to help companies take better control of their businesses and build fully integrated eCommerce interfaces to provide end-users with a seamless shopping experience across channels.

To speed up the development cycles for eCommerce clients and equip them with top-notch eCommerce solutions powered by high-level security mechanisms, monitoring tools, and data management, Vaimo introduced Frends iPaaS to its client projects.

The collaboration between Vaimo and Frends started in 2021. From the vast customer experience, Vaimo outlined the key pain points in the eCommerce industry that traditional integration approaches were failing to solve:

  • Legacy systems
    • Legacy systems slow down the introduction of new customer services for buyers.
    • Legacy systems do not allow seamless data flow across different tools and databases, for example, across various Sales, Marketing, CMS, ERP, and POS systems.
  • Lack of integration and API governance
  • Lack of format standardization
  • Fast database overload and systems slow-down

“Frends integration platform is a perfect fit to our offering and has already helped several of our clients to modernise their integration architecture and solve problems that would have been really complex without a modern iPaaS. It does not only solve technical problems but also enhances business agility and helps organisations launch new services and improve operational effectiveness through process automation,” said Marko Rytkönen, Country Manager at Vaimo Finland.

In Vaimo's projects, Frends IpaaS plays the role of an intermediate layer allowing all integrated systems to talk to each other in real time. Frends solves the problem of data and format compatibility across on-premise, legacy, and cloud systems by offering a wide range of data conversion scenarios, like MFT, ETL, and ELT. Solutions developed by Frends as a backbone ensure integrations & APIs' visibility and transparency across every stage of an automation workflow. The plug-and-play connectivity to open, custom, and commercial APIs brings the culture of "experimentation and co-creation" to the eCommerce sector. With Frends' flexibility, the companies will enjoy shorter time-to-market for deploying integrations and launching new products and end-user services.

“Frends is delighted to provide its capabilities to ensure eCommerce supply chains and brands' even more security, stability, and flexibility. In recent years, eCommerce has grown to be an influential business area that offers excellent potential for creating new services and user experiences. We also see that it plays an integral part in our daily lives as regular customers. Together with Vaimo, we aim to support the mission to help brands drive growth in digital commerce and continuously delight end-users, and I am confident we can do it!” Jukka Rautio, CEO at Frends.

Together Vaimo and Frends are driven to deliver best-in-the-market Digital Commerce solutions that take downstream and upstream supply chains to the whole new era of digitalized operations and customer experience.

About Vaimo

Vaimo is one of the world’s most respected experts in digital commerce. As a full-service omnichannel agency, Vaimo delivers digital enablement, customer experience design, solution development and managed services to brands, retailers, and manufacturers all over the world. Their sharp focus, broad experience, and deep expertise within B2B, B2C, D2C, PIM, headless commerce, mobile apps, integrations, security make them a key partner for driving success in digital commerce. With local offices in 15+ markets across EMEA, APAC, and North America and over 500 employees, they provide an international presence that allows them to cultivate close, long-term relationships with merchants. For more information, visit

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Marko Rytkönen, Country Manager, Vaimo Finland; phone: +358 504 131 455; e-mail:

About Frends

Frends iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is the B2B integration platform on .Net that enables API integration, API development, API management, all within a powerful low-code integration platform. Frends was developed as a productized solution in 1988, and today has more than 500+ Nordic enterprise customers and 30+ years of experience in data integration. Truly hybrid, easy to use, and affordable, Frends platform is the choice for RPA, BPA, Digital Integration Hub, and Hyperautomation. Frends delivers at a fraction of cost and effort compared to traditional integration solutions and supports all the de facto industry standards like OpenAPI, oAuth2.0 out of the box. The platform runs in containers to deploy Frends in any cloud hosting, including compliant cloud. For more information, visit

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Jukka Rautio, Head of Frends, Country Manager HiQ Finland; phone: +358 40 827 1142; e-mail: