What is enterprise level iPaaS and what are the business benefits of it?

Adopting the API strategy is much easier than you think. Once it is done, the business and tech benefits and capabilities of it are endless.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

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As a CTO, CDO, CIO, or CPO, you might have been thinking about all the possible ways to capitalise on the APIs economy and build the connection between your sales and tech, but there were always IT issues coming forward. For example, how often do you or your tech team encounter one of these problems while developing your systems and services:

  1. Reoccurring security issues and lack of documentation;
  2. API design challenges when deploying;
  3. Authentication errors;
  4. UI and compatibility damage during updates;
  5. High-time and resource consumption?

Unfortunately, being constantly caught up in the flow of such issues can eventually divert your attention from the benefits that APIs are supposed to bring to you and your business – improved and leaner service delivery, new business models and opportunities, cost reductions, and time savings in the long-run. One way to address these issues is starting up with an EiPaaS approach.

EiPaaS to Enable IT Teams

Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service or EiPaaS enables you to develop, manage, govern, and secure all your integration and API needs within one platform. EiPaaS solutions support cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premise, on-premise-to-on-premise integrations, both within individual and multiple organisations.

EiPaaS allows tech teams to focus on the most important tasks, taking away the weight of running such complex tasks as data synchronisation, link building between multiple systems, or maintenance and storage supporting tasks. Moreover, most of the time, there is a tendency in the business environment to favour external, sales-related investments, putting aside improvements within the tech departments. This might put tech teams into the position in which resources are limited. EiPaaS, in return, can save your team from hiring expensive developers to build and maintain integration systems, as those tasks can be easily automated with the help of the solution. EiPaaS solutions are widely known for their intuitive and visualised interface that lets professionals with no or limited tech background understand the integration supply-chain processes and turn those insights into Business Intelligence assets.

EiPaaS to Escalate Business Growth

The age of digital transformation drives businesses from all sectors to innovate and modernise the ways their services are built and delivered. Moreover, digital transformation is a key to business growth today. According to the recent study by IDC, worldwide spending on the technology and services that enable the digital transformation of business practices is forecast to reach $2.3 trillion in 2023.

The industries that are hopping on the digital transformation train first are banking, telecommunications, utilities, education, retail, transportation, followed by construction, healthcare, and government & security.

Explore Customer Cases

The growing number of enterprises in both public and private sectors are giving up today on traditional integration approaches and turning to the EiPaaS as a leaner, faster, more time-saving, and low-code solution alternative.

The most in-demand projects that enterprise-level EiPaaS can easily help your teams with:

  1. IoT Communications: Communicating directly with various IoT devices through OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) and other similar IoT protocols;
  2. Modernizing legacy banking systems to get better TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);
  3. Insurance process automation, supported by RPA (Robotic Process Automation);
  4. Implementing e-commerce integrations: WebShop platform and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning);
  5. Integrating various best-of-breed SaaS applications to the existing system landscapes;
  6. Setting up authentication processes.

The scope of projects may usually vary from the industry, existing IT infrastructure, and needs. Once identified, the broad application capabilities of EiPaaS will do their work.

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