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Power & Utilities

Caruna adopted Frends to enhance operational efficiency and improve B2C online services. With Frends, Caruna reduces deployment time and streamlines data management.



Power & Utilities

Caruna adopted Frends to enhance operational efficiency and improve B2C online services. With Frends, Caruna reduces deployment time and streamlines data management.


Business Goals

Caruna, a major player in electricity distribution, serves approximately 726,000 customers across South, Southwest, and West Finland. As electricity consumption in Finland is projected to rise by 50% by 2040, Caruna's primary objective is to uphold a 99.98% electricity supply security while concurrently expanding the network's capacity. In line with its mission, Caruna aims to steer its customers and the Finnish society smoothly through the energy transition, ensuring that carbon neutrality goals are met.

Caruna chose the Frends iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) to boost operational efficiency and strategically invest in enhancing B2C customers' online services.

"Frends enables us to operate in a sustainable and profitable way.”

Janne Hyyrynen, ICT Manager at Caruna

Integration Challenges

In 2021, to meet the evolving demands of the energy transition, Caruna introduced a significant strategic update with a new operating model. This comprehensive model covered all processes and system architectures.

Caruna's prior integration platform was becoming obsolete and lacked the capabilities needed for the company's forward-looking strategies. Recognizing this gap, Caruna chose Frends iPaaS due to its user-friendly interface, transparency, and potential for strategic, long-term business growth. Frends interface design and low-code nature allows individuals of diverse roles to understand processes without extensive coding expertise, as underscored by Janne Hyyrynen, ICT Manager at Caruna.

“Frends won the tender, and we view this platform as a strategic, long-term investment in ensuring the stability and fostering the growth of our business. Its user-friendly interface accommodates individuals in various roles, allowing for a clear understanding of processes, even without the need for advanced coding skills,” Hyyrynen affirms.

Moreover, Frends' 30+ year established track record in the Energy sector showcased profound industry expertise, offering tailored solutions to adeptly tackle the sector's recurring integration challenges and specialized use-cases.


Caruna's adoption of Frends iPaaS has brought multiple benefits. Hyyrynen highlights that Frends supports their strategy by allowing more efficient data management, delivering predictive consumption insights, and enabling Caruna to operate both sustainably and profitably. In addition to individual integrations, Caruna is transitioning complex business processes, which involve multiple integrations, to the Frends platform

“We have performed extensive tests to transfer large database volumes onto the Frends platform smoothly, and we are delighted to report its success. Furthermore, we depend on Frends to support the crucial data movement necessary for our predictive modeling initiative,” Hyyrynen explains.

With the integration of Frends, Caruna can innovate new integration methods, replacing outdated ones, and streamline integration management. Transitioning to Frends also enabled Caruna to develop tools to assess the potential impacts of changing operational environments on its network, e.g., transportation and heating electrifications, demand flexibility, urbanization, and solar generation.

"Frends plays a significant role in supporting our strategy. Firstly, it empowers us to maintain control over our system architecture and harness data more efficiently. Secondly, it aids in generating predictive insights regarding consumption patterns in various regions. Lastly, Frends enables us to operate in a sustainable and profitable manner,” Janne Hyyrynen, ICT Manager at Caruna, says.

After an 11-month migration process in 2022, Frends iPaaS now oversees around 300 vital integrations for Caruna.

"We have been forward-thinking in the past and built a robust integration services layer with very few point-to-point integrations. Now, with Frends, we can enhance our integration architecture by innovating new integration methods and phasing out outdated techniques. For example, the REST API capabilities streamline our integration management,” Hyyrynen says.

The partnership has been positive, with Hyyrynen praising Frends' team for their collaborative approach. While Frends has already reduced deployment time, and its full impact on development timelines is still being evaluated, Frends has already become an integral tool in Caruna's commitment to helping Finland transition to carbon neutrality.

"Frends has an exceptional team characterized by constructive working manner. Our partnership is built upon open communication and a pleasant atmosphere, consistently delivering outstanding results.” Hyyrynen says.


Enhanced operational efficiency and B2C customers' online services

Increased control over system architecture

300 integrations

Optimized data utilization