Frends Digital Integration Hub

A Digital Integration Hub (DIH) is a backbone approach for your digitalization. DIH brings all the business functions and data in your systems available for use in every digitalization case you have. It brings performance, scalability, 24/7 business functions, protection for the old systems and enables graceful legacy modernization and live business intelligence.

Why Digital Integration Hub (DIH)?

If you have digitalization needs like new mobile apps, websites, rapidly running event-based processes, and your data wholly or partially rely on older system-of-records, you've got a problem.

If you create a public API available for large groups of users - you don't know how big volume you will get to your APIs and underlying systems.

Systems-of-records were not designed to withstand the pace and quantum of requests that this kind of facade API will create. The load can be enormous and effectively kill the legacy system via exposing its interfaces. Yes, you can always use mechanisms like throttling to defend the old systems. Throttling or slowing APIs bring other problems, such as the decreased or destroyed user experience of a mobile app that doesn't answer in a second. Digital Integration Hub strips the dangerous tight or loose connection from API to a system of record away.

What is Digital Integration Hub (DIH)?

Digital Integration Hub (DIH) connects to the legacy system-of-record systems with its numerous connectors - either application-specific adapters or connectors supporting standards. It merges and joins that data and publishes it for your digital needs like mobile apps, processes, live business intelligence (BI) and web sites as reusable APIs. This is the basic cloud integration approach and it leads to a tighlty coupled systems. As a result, legacy systems are overloaded as they were never designed to handle concurrent load by APIs. APIs are down as the underlying legacy system is on expected or unexpected service break.

In the Digital Integration Hub approach, we add an intermediate superfast data storage between the APIs and the system of records. This data storage holds a consolidated copy of the back-end data. Frends processes called "data pumps" gather the data from various old and new systems to the customized data structure. The data storage itself is an in-memory cloud-based database using industry-standard solutions like Redis Cache. The APIs inside Frends iPaaS agents use that data to enable low-latency APIs even when there are thousands of concurrent operations in a second.

Levi architecture

For extreme scalability, the API layer of Frends run in a containerization environment. The containerization environment manages the scaling of the APIs automatically, depending on your current volume of requests.

APIs can handle streams, events and business-critical message all alike. The last ones are persisted with the write-through method and never lost.

This is how modern integration platforms work - scale like microservices and yet enable adhoc-integrators with low-code approach to develope APIs and automations.

Use cases for Frends Digital Integration Hub (DIH) approach

  1. Enable digitalization and multi-channel with old system-of-records
  2. Enable graceful legacy modernization - you can replace the underlying systems without users of API noticing the replacement
  3. Enable 24/7 business functions - your back-end may be down or running some excessive jobs, APIs are still running fast
  4. Enable Data-driven leadership with live Business Intelligence from the superfast data storage

How to get Digital Integration hub (DIH)?

Frends Digital Integration Hub is a complete DIH platform built on top of the Frends iPaas. The implementation of DIH require

  1. Design of the data structure
  2. Implement the low-code Frends processes to pump data from and to your line-of-business systems.
  3. Implement the low-code Frends APIs and publish them with Frends API management.

No coding required - it's all low-code and easy to monitor and change.

With Frends, you can connect Hyperautomation to DIH easily. The APIs of Digital Integration Hub are often the triggers for your business processes, for example from order to invoice processes.


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