Frends for Compliant Cloud

Is your organization running in a heavily regulated business area or public sector? Are the regulations preventing your organization from moving to the cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud? Are you worried about increasing regulatory demands like GDPR and data privacy issues challenging your business?

Frends 5.4.4 is the first version of Frends that runs on Cleura's Compliant Cloud (Frends Compliant Cloud) providing GDPR compliant integration environment even after Schrems II ruling.

Why Frends Compliant Cloud for enchanced data privacy and GDPR?

In 2020 Privacy Shield between US and EU was nullified based on Schrems II ruling. This practically means that US-owned clouds and applications may not be GDPR (EU data protection directive and regulation) compliant anymore.

In 2018 new laws and directives were enforced as GDPR, NIS, and CLOUD Act came into effect. These put high demands on how your organization processes information and the security aspects of stored data. In addition, integration platforms are typically in the center of receiving and moving critical data between systems when automating processes or providing APIs. So whether you are a public bank, insurance company, just worried about data privacy laws, or a government agency and need a compliant integration platform, Frends for Compliant Cloud is for you.

What is GDPR ensured Frends Compliant Cloud?

Frends for Compliant Cloud is an enterprise-grade integration-Platform-as-a-Services (iPaaS) for any industry regulated by specific laws, regulations, or customer demands regarding data protection. So if GDPR and data privacy is one of your main concerns, Frends for Compliant cloud is the right choice for your enterprise. With Frends core availability in Cleura's (formerly City Networks) Compliant Cloud, Frends integration platform's infrastructure runs on Compliant Cloud that is certified according to the following internationally recognized standards for quality, sustainability, data privacy and information security.

Requirement Compliant Cloud
ISO-9001 - QMS Yes
ISO-14001 - EMS Yes
ISO 22301 - BCMS Yes
ISO 27001 - ISMS Yes
ISO 27010 - ISP Yes
ISO 27013 - ITIL Yes
ISO 27013 - BAFIN* Yes
ISO 27017 - Cloud Sec Yes
ISO 27018 - Privacy Yes
Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) Yes
SOC 2 Yes

Frends for Compliant Cloud architecture 1

Availability and Jurisdiction

Frends for Compliant Cloud infrastructure hosting site are available in the following countries

  • Sweden
  • Germany

Cleura (formerly CityNetworks) providing infrastructure is a Swedish company and regulated by EU. This means that the jurisdiction is Sweden and EU.

First customers for Frends Compliant Cloud are Kungsbacka kommun and City of Kalmar. Over 9 other municipalities and cities are migrating currently to GDPR compliant Frends iPaaS.

So - want to ensure your integrations are compliant with European general data protection regulation (GDPR)? Contact us for more information with the form below.


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