Help your existing business and process automation run faster, smoother, and error-free with Hyperautomation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Hyperautomation is pervasive integration that glues together workflow engines and tools, RPA, AI and BPMSs into a single automation platform. Hyperautomation solves many traditional RPA problems like scalability, costs and robustness. Hyperautomation can be also called Enterprise Automation.

Less RPA robots. Faster and robust enteprise automation processes with low total-cost-of-ownership (TCO).

What is Hyperautomation?

When robotic process automation (RPA), enterprise application integration (EAI), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are put together, the result is called Hyperautomation.

Hyperautomation is a process automation that runs on an automation platform and exists on top of legacy systems and their interfaces. It uses artificial intelligence (machine learning, neural networks) to make decisions that humans were required to do. Hyperautomation uses traditional recording based software robotics to simulate persons for those parts where API-integration is not possible. Hyperautomation can be called pervasive automation as it takes into account all the aspects of automation - the goal is to automate as much as possible.

What is Enterprise Automation?

Enterprise Automation is the same as Hyperautomation in business-critical processes. Enteprise automation emphasizes the business criticality and robustness of automation. In critical business process automation, recording-based automation - traditional RPA - is a risk. Why? Recording-based automation is famous for breaking when the target system changes. Understanding what happened when something went wrong is complex with recordings. Browsing through logs of the RPA process is slow and tedious work. With Frends's visual process instance view, you'll find the problem in no time. Enterprise automation also includes enterprise services. Need 24/7 365 SLA guaranteed support for your automation? Frends enterprise services are here to help.

Frends + RPA + Azure Machine Learning = Hyperautomation platform

Frends enterprise iPaaS has partnered up with UiPath and MS Powerautomte RPA tools to deliver the most pervasive automation solution that we call frends Path. By joining an enterprise automation platform and RPA tool together, frends Path can offer pervasive automation and integration tools with a single monitoring view to processes and standard modelling language to all automations. The result is something called Hyperautomation platform. Frends is an automation software - a system that orchestrates your business-critical processes. You can also choose other RPA tools like Microsoft Powerautomate to be part of your Frends automation. Frends automation orchestration may utilize AI components, like Azure Cognitive Services. Here is a sample real-life case study about it.

The minimum setup of Frends Path solution includes a multitenant UiPath Orchestrator, Unattended Concurrent Robot, and a UiPath Studio to make user recordings.

hyperautomation transparent

Hyperautomation benefits you cannot miss out

RPA solution helps your IT team to concentrate on the most important and vital tasks, as RPA automates all repetitive manual processes. You can use RPA to automate all activities across your organization.

Orchestrating process automation with pervasive integration platform - like Frends - have much better capabilities than doing the same with RPA platform. These features are:

  1. BPMN 2.0 standard notation as an automation language with capabilities for complex decision making, loops and other operations inside process. API or process orchestration - language is the same easy to monitor low-code BPMN.
  2. Over 200 ready-made connectors for line-of-business systems make connections easy
  3. All the de-facto standards supported (JSON, REST, oAuth2, OpenAPI, XML, SOAP etc) including security standards
  4. Process automation is more robust than recording based automation
  5. 50% less robots needed when orchestrating with integration platform
  6. Process automation is easier to monitor and control – all visually

With Frends Hyperautomation, you can use frends capabilities to orchestrate, integrate and use UiPath for recordings and OCR. Pour some AI into Frends process - and you've got an intelligent process. With frends API-capabilities, you can even trigger the processes via API's without any additional web back-end, for example, for mobile apps.

Business Process Automation (BPA) - the next level

Frends hyperautomation platform orchestrates processes on behalf of RPA platforms like UiPath and Blueprism. The orchestration capabilities of Frends enterprise ipaas are on a whole different level when compared to basic RPA tools. The pure expression of power is on a whole different level.

Frends as an enterprise automation platform supports orchestration features required for hyperautomation:

  • Workflow engine with concurrent executions path inside orchestrations that wait for each other, loops, inclusive and exclusive decisions and much more.
  • API calls lasting only tens of milliseconds.
  • Long-running processes that may continue when some external event happens, like the acknowledgement for an automated order
  • Concurrent automation executions in hundreds of process automation in a single execution unit - frends Agent.
  • Ability to execute code -snippets as part of orchestrations.
  • Support for all industry standards required.
  • RPA workflow automation engine that scales in containers

One RPA-robot can run only one recorded session at once. A single frends agent can run over 200 process executions concurrently. Consider the cost impact.

Frends is also on full-fledged integration platform-as-a-service - iPaaS. It brings all the connectivity and API hosting and API management capabilities in the same low-code development and monitoring approach. Frends audit trail and visual monitoring of business process automation features offer you a simple, fast and full view of each instance - old or running - of your processes.

Choose the right tool for the challenge - with frends hypeautomation platform, you've got a tool box with you.


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