Oy Lining Ab


Oy Lining Ab offers technically high-quality equipment, solutions and components in its main field of water technology. We specialize in technical solutions for clean and sewage lines and plants. Our main areas of activity are municipal technology, network management and pumping stations. We are the market leader in our field with a market share of more than 50%. Oy Lining Ab is part of the international technology and industrial group Indutrade, which includes more than 200 companies around the world.

Visions and our values Our values are responsibility, efficiency and innovation. We want to be a high-quality partner and offer total solutions to our customers' needs.

Together with responsible water technology

Established in 1958

56 Experts

AAA Credit Rating Partner

Part of Indutrade

Service Offering

Lining’s aim is the be main partner for water utilities in integrating separate systems, software and sensors. We provide our customers with an integrated platform protected by firewalls, which allows them to integrate different data sources. Lining AqvaRex and Frend’s provides together perfect platform for network data integration. On our integration platform, our customers can collect information about different systems and publish information on websites or 3party software.


Automation Designer Esa Vaara, esa.vaara@lining.fi, +358 50 442 9332