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Virnex Group Ltd is a Finnish company that helps its customers promote their business with IT services, consulting, and resourcing. Since 2010 Virnex has paved the way for better and more efficient business through digital transformation, cloud services, and operational optimization by developing virtual team practices and tools to the best possible level. Virnex aims to be a long-term partner for its fifty customers in various fields, from banking to research.

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Cloud Services

Software Development

Maintenance Services

Service Offering

Specializing in integrating ITSM technologies (IT Service Management), such as Efecte ITSM and Lumo Intranet, Virnex has a solid background in utilizing cloud-based integration platforms. With Frends Enterprise iPaaS in the product palette, Virnex can now build cost-efficient integrations for multiple use cases.

Virnex works with Frends in two ways. First, it is an official co-seller, and second, it provides a VIP (Virnex Integration Platform) Service for Frends iPaaS customers. VIP Service is designed for companies who wish to outsource their integration platform maintenance and development.

The simple and flexible pricing of Frends iPaaS allows Virnex to help our customers more extensively than ever before. The platform makes even minor integrations profitable to build.

Virnex appreciates the low-code Frends technology that allows independent and straightforward development and never leaves Virnex on hold. Due to the low-code configuration, Virnex can build anything by itself and provide dynamic and reliable customer service.


  • Project management
  • Virtual team management
  • Customer experience
  • Process optimization
  • Intelligent automation
  • Testing

Cloud Services

  • Moving into a cloud or SAAS-based software (e.g. ERP, CRM, Databases)
  • Software Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Agile best practices
  • Project resourcing

Maintenance Services

IT Management and Maintenance Services


Hannu Mikkola Managing Director, Virnex Business Services Oy