Frends Academy Announces Updates and Offerings for Training and Certification Programs

Frends Academy by Frends iPaaS is thrilled to unveil several exciting updates and offerings that will enhance the learning experience for individuals and organizations.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

Frends Academy by Frends iPaaS is thrilled to unveil several exciting updates and offerings that will enhance the learning experience for individuals and organizations.

Public ILTs: Easy Access to Frends Training Without Hassle

Frends Academy introduces Public Instructor Lead Trainings (ILTs), designed to provide accessible training to anyone interested. These ILTs offer a hassle-free scheduling experience, allowing participants to dive into Frends training at their convenience. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity to learn and grow. The initial sessions, including Frends Fundamentals and Integration Development, are scheduled for 15th June and 20th June respectively, from 12-15 EET.

Private ILTs: Tailored Training Experiences for Your Organization

In addition to the Public ILTs, Frends Academy continues to offer Private ILTs through the webshop. These private sessions are perfect for organizations seeking customized training exclusively for their teams. With Private ILTs, participants can delve into Frends training without any concerns about sharing sensitive use cases or confidential information. This training ensures a focused and personalized learning experience.

Free Online Courses: Learning Made Easier and More Accessible

Based on valuable user feedback, Frends Academy has revamped its online courses. The content has been carefully adjusted and packaged into eight smaller and more manageable Learning Paths, making it easier for learners to follow along and study at their own pace. Additionally, the great news is that all online content is now available for free, allowing individuals to enhance their skills without any financial barriers.

Certifications: Demonstrating Expertise and Skill

Frends Academy recognizes the importance of certifications in showcasing one's expertise and skill in the field of integration and automation. To streamline the certification process, all certificates will be available at a standardized rate and valid for a duration of two (2) years with a possibility to renew certifications after two years.

Expanded Learning Paths and Training Offerings

The Frends Academy offers a wide range of Learning Paths and training programs to cater to diverse learning needs. These include:

  • Frends Fundamentals - Getting Started
  • Frends Fundamentals - Low Code Approach
  • Integration Development - Beyond Basics
  • Integration Development - Best Practices
  • API Development - Basic Development
  • API Development - Advanced Development (Coming soon)
  • Operations
  • Architecture

In addition to the online courses, public and private ILTs are available for Frends Fundamentals, Integration Development, API Development, Operations, Specification, and Architecture.

Our goal is to provide accessible, flexible, and high-quality training and certification programs to help individuals and organizations excel in the world of integration and automation. We look forward to empowering more professionals and learners on their Integration Excellence journey.

More Information

To join the trainings and learn more about Frends Academy, certifications, and registration details, visit

Enroll to upcoming Public ILTs:

Frends Fundamentals

June 15, 12:00 – 15:00 EET

Delve into the foundational principles of operating with Frends. This training program aims to equip you with a robust understanding of Frends from an operational perspective, establishing a strong foundation for any task involving the platform.

Integration Development

June 20, 12:00 – 15:00 EET

Join the training to gain a foundational understanding of file and applications-based integrations. This training will equip you with essential knowledge and skills, providing an overview of the fundamental concepts and practical techniques for handling the most common integration use cases.