Lining Oy + Frends iPaaS Partnership: Water management & monitoring automations

Together with Lining, we’re enabling better support and overall automation level for the management of water facilities.

Lining and Frends started the cooperation to strengthen the Lining’s Automation solution line. Lining Automation is the solution portfolio for application automation, data transfer and remote monitoring of water network field objects. One of the solutions is The Lining AQVAREX® remote monitoring system for remote control of pumping and monitoring sites in water supply networks.

AqvaRex 2.0 is a new generation monitoring and remote control system for the management of water facilities and field sites of water cooperatives, facilities and networks. The system collects station-specific history data on an hourly basis. These can be viewed as tabular data as well as timeline graphics. Spreadsheet data can be easily saved directly from the browser as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file and graphics as images for later viewing or data transfer.

”Water utilities typically have multiple automation and information systems whose data is not integrated. Together with HiQ and Frends, we have the opportunity to help water utilities integrate these systems,” says Tero Auvinen, Head of Digitalization and Automation Department, Oy Lining Ab.

Frends Integration platform speeds up the deployment of AqvaRex 2.0 solution to customer sites and ensures the seamless connection of the solution to the customer data sources and on-site technologies. Frends as the back-end layer unifies all the integrations and APIs into one single UI from where they can be managed, monitored, and governed. In addition, Frends platform provides built-in capabilities for secure managed file transfers, data conversions and supports data processing in almost any format, including JSON, XML, CSV, Flat File, Fixed Width, EDI, and more.

“Together with Lining, we’re enabling better support and better overall automation level for the management of water facilities, different sites and networks," shares Miikka Aalto, Partner Manager, Frends.

About Lining:

Oy Lining Ab specializes in technical solutions for clean and wastewater lines and plants. The company is part of the Indutrade Group, which has operations in thirteen European countries. Lining’s work for more than 60 years has been based on reliability, efficiency and innovation. Today the company is the market leader in the industry with a market share of more than 50%. 

About Frends:

Frends is a low-code integration-platform-as a-service on .Net stack. With us you can develop, manage and secure all your API integrations within one simple platform. Lean, low-code, and intuitive.

Frends iPaaS helps various IT and Software consultancies extend solutions offering and deliver extra value to customers through integrations. With Frends you will be able to deliver high-quality integration and automation solutions on top of your IT services, and speed up API development.

Contact: Miikka Aalto, Partner Manager +358 50 431 9255,