Maler Oy Adopts Frends iPaaS to Streamline Key Business Systems

Maler Oy recently adopted the Frends integration platform to improve connectivity between retail business systems.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

Maler Oy, a Finnish family-owned company specializing in interior construction, has recently adopted the Frends integration platform. This strategic move primarily aims to enhance the connectivity between their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and financial systems, focusing on product order management in its initial phase. As the integration progresses, it will extend to areas such as product information management.

"We chose Frends because our business systems needed better connectivity. It's a practical step towards business efficiency and modernization to ensure our products and services are easily accessible and up-to-date for our customers," says Jan Okker, Vice President, Maler Oy.

In a competitive e-commerce landscape, accurate, real-time product information is indispensable. By leveraging the capabilities of Frends Integration Platform, Maler Oy is positioning itself to meet these industry demands more effectively, reinforcing its commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction.

"As someone who has worked with numerous businesses, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of integration. For companies like Maler, in e-commerce, it's not just about connecting systems — it's about laying a robust foundation for growth, actively refining operations for building and digitalizing superior customer experiences, and reducing potential roadblocks," says Mika Moisio, Senior Sales Executive at Frends.

About Maler

Maler Oy is a Finnish family-owned company, and a forerunner of interior construction. Maler's main line of business is to manufacture interior products made of wood or wood fiber boards for both dry and wet indoor spaces. The main products – interior panels, wall panels, and mouldings – offer easy ways of finishing indoor surfaces.

Maler wants constantly to develop business and products, and help customers to find new, high-quality solutions for finishing their interior and construction premises. Over the years, Maler has noticed that the best product ideas often come when developed with customers. Tailor-made production for customers is everyday business in Maler Oy.

About Frends

Frends iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) is a Nordic iPaaS platform that offers tools to integrate applications in the compliant cloud, hybrid, and on-premises. With Frends, businesses can build integrations, automated processes, and APIs in BPMN 2.0-based Low-Code, which reduces costs in development, documentation, and management. Frends is made for BizDevOp teams and enables team collaboration.

Frends platform was established in Finland in 1988 and has snowballed in the Nordic region's domestic markets and internationally, with over 4000 customers in +16 countries.


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