Overcoming integration roadblocks: Maximizing API and automation development efficiency.

Solve 5 major challenges in integration and automation

Modern businesses rely on automation and integration to streamline their operations and stay competitive. However, enterprise-level APIs and automations can be challenging to develop and operate, requiring skilled experts to handle their complexity. In this blog post, we will explore the five common challenges of modern integration and automation and discuss how a modern integration platform like Frends Enterprise iPaaS can help solve them.

Challenge 1: Growing Number of Systems and Required Automation

The number of systems and the amount of required automation grow fast in modern businesses. This can be a significant challenge for organizations, as the complexity of systems evolves, making it harder to keep up with automation. Frends offers an easy-to-create and maintain low-code approach to all APIs and Integrations, minimizing the learning curve.

Sample architecture

Challenge 2: Systems Landscape Becomes More Complex

As businesses move to distributed systems in multiple clouds and on-premises, the complexity of the systems landscape increases. Frends can run APIs and automations on-premises and in any public cloud while providing a single live monitoring and development view of your distributed integrations.

Challenge 3: The Pace of Changes Increases

The quantum and pace of changes increase in modern businesses. This means that constant changes to automations are required. Frends is an agile platform that offers a straightforward low-code approach and extensively automated deployment and versioning. With Frends, developers or business users can visually see the difference between versions of automation.

Sample diff from frends

Challenge 4: Complexity of Enterprise Data

As the amount of data in enterprises increases, so does its complexity. Proper data management, planning, and architecture are essential to solving this challenge. Frends plays a distributor role for data, enabling data fabric - an architectural approach to data that tries to consider the nature of data.

Challenge 5: Total Cost of Operations Increases

The total cost of operations of APIs and automations can be a significant concern for modern businesses. Frends offers an easy-to-use platform that eliminates the need for expensive skilled experts to operate it, which can lead to lower TCO.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an integration platform that can solve all the above challenges, Frends Enterprise iPaaS is your best bet. With Frends, you can enjoy an easy-to-create and easy-to-maintain low-code approach to all APIs and Integrations, regardless of the number of systems or the amount of required automation. Book a live demo with Frends or test it yourself with a free trial today!