In today's retail business consumers are expecting more and more connected services and personalised experiences. With frends many retail organisations are accelerating development of their new consumer facing services and optimising costs of the back-end processes using Business Process Automation and legacy systems.

Modernize EDI (Electronic Data Exchange)

With frends you can modernize your EDI business processes by first creating all of your EDI connections yourself without the need for a costly middle-man, or EDI-operator, doing the transfers for you. This can result in huge cost savings with little investment. Additionally adapting a strategy to slowly move away from legacy technologies such as EDI towards more modern API centric architectures is just a few clicks away with frends iPaaS.

Connected Services

Use low-code integrations by frends to design, create and publish a set of standardized API's that encompass all of your customer facing data and functionalities to speed up development of new customer facing services by up to 200%.

You can also reap the benefits of having centralized management, monitoring and analytics of those services using frends.

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