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Censof Digital is your One-Stop Digital Solution Provider focused on Digital Transformation, Mobility, and Big Data, to achieve Operational Excellence, improve Predictability, and enable New Revenue Streams.

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Empowering with Digital

Subsidiary (2022) of Censof Holdings, listed in KLSE

Serving SME & MNC, Fintech, Agriculture, Health Care, Utility

(MoDATA) - a data intelligent platform for BI

Service Offering

Bridge the Digital Divide and address the Nation Pain Points by accelerating digital adoption across Communities, Enterprises, and Government - to enable effective collaboration.

Censof Digital co-creates digital solutions with an ecosystem of partners:

  • Orchestrating best-of-breed technology in the market
  • Optimizing workflows and uncover new opportunities by leveraging intuitive Automation, AI, IoT, Cloud and enterprise applications
  • Creating value with a human-first approach to align data, processes and customers

Censof Digital offers Ministry of DATA (MoDATA) - a data intelligent platform.

MoDATA extracts, transforms and loads data from existing and new applications in an organisation and provides a single view of business intelligence, analytics-infused with artificial intelligence:

  • Get a 360-degree view of the customer and better business intelligence
  • Achieve better fraud prevention and cybersecurity
  • Identify and mitigate potential risks
  • Improve forecasting and price optimization
  • Enable preventive maintenance and support
  • and more!

MoDATA can be deployed in On-Prem Data Centers, Private Cloud or Public Cloud.


Vicks Kanagasingam

Chief Executive Officer


+6019 381 3939