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Strateq has been redefining industries since 1983. Its innovations are driven by deep industry know-how, developed across organizations, and supported by new digital technologies and business models. Strateq takes pride in its ability to identify the best technology available on the market and strategize and deploy relevant solutions to help businesses improve performance and profit. They work with industry experts, collaborating with world-class technology partners to help their clients increase organizational performance.

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Redefining Industries

Established 1983

780+ employees

Operating in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, United States

Service Offering

Strateq's innovations are driven by deep industry know-how, developed across organizations and supported by new digital technologies and business models

  • Healthcare Solutions

Strateq brings 22 years of experience in building, implementing, and operating 2 Total Hospital Information System (THIS) called Fisicien & 37D for public and private hospitals in Malaysia. They are a pioneer in Malaysia and have successfully implemented and operating 30 hospitals, including 2 in the USA.

  • Petrol Retail Solutions (Smart Payment / Smart Service Desk)

Drawing from a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and extensive cross-sector experience in this field, Strateq Approximately serves 5,000 different refuelling stations in five (5) countries namely Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China with managed services and solutions. These managed services comply with oil and gas companies’ HSSE policies in achieving Zero Incidents and Zero Tolerance in our deliverable.

  • Enterprise Business Solutions

Today’s business requirements demand solutions that have high levels of performance, availability, security, scalability, and serviceability. At Strateq’s Enterprise Business Solutions, they address these business needs and strive to provide customized world-class solutions all businesses deserve.

  • Enterprise Systems Solutions

Strateq Enterprise System Solutions has established strategic partnerships with the world’s top technology companies to design, implement and maintain your IT infrastructure systems to adapt and scale according to your business needs and strategy.

  • Data Centre & Business Continuity Services

Protect Your Business with An Award Winning and Certified Centre. Strateq's experts at Strateq Data Recovery & Business Continuity provide your business with end-to-end solutions, with a set of hybrid capabilities for easy cloud integration, helping you to continue operations with the least disruption.

  • Cloud & Cybersecurity Solutions

  • Sentry Security Solutions

Sentry provides creative solutions and innovative technologies that are central to defense and security. Their forward-thinking technology can provide a platform that facilitates communication and collaboration to improve public safety and support the advancement of businesses and its interests. These tools and solutions extend beyond physical security to contribute to the betterment of the businesses and community that Strateq serves.


Raymond Selvaraj Victor Benjamin


Business Development ASEAN

Enterprise Business Solutions


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