Frends Launches New Live, Interactive Product Roadmap

The new Roadmap Platform is designed to give users a direct impact on the Frends’ Research and Development (R&D) direction and promoting visibility.

Polina Zyaparova


Polina Zyaparova

Marketing & PR at Frends

In a decisive move to increase transparency and foster a collaborative development environment, Frends has launched its live and interactive product roadmap. The new Roadmap Platform is designed to give users a direct impact on the Frends’ Research and Development (R&D) direction, promoting visibility and facilitating a space where the community’s voice is a central aspect of the development process.

Interactive and User-Driven

The interactive functionality of the roadmap grants users a substantial role in the ongoing development process. By providing a space where users can request and vote on upcoming features, the community can effectively guide the Frends team in aligning with their priorities and preferences.

Upcoming Features

The roadmap outlines several notable features open for voting for integration into the Frends platform, including:

  • Business User UI: A refined user interface enhancing user experiences.

  • API Management 2.0: An updated system offering enhanced API management.

  • API Portal: A centralized hub for all API-related tools and resources.

  • E2E Integration Test Automation: Facilitating streamlined operations through automated integration testing.

  • Frends GPT – Chat & Code Generation: Introducing GPT technology for simplified chat and code generation.

  • Frends GPT – Task Configuration: Utilizing GPT technology to ease task configurations.

  • Long-Running Process Support: Support for processes with extended execution times.

Voice Your Preference: Vote for the Next Feature

Frends is calling on developers and administrators to cast their vote on the next feature to be implemented. The available options focus on improvements ranging from process visibility to enhanced code management functionalities, and much more, aiming to enhance user accessibility and monitoring capabilities.

A Commitment to Transparency

The new product roadmap signals Frends' dedication to transparent and cooperative growth. The platform encourages users to actively participate, allowing the user community to have a significant say in its future development pathway.

To explore the roadmap and to have a say in the future developments of Frends, visit the roadmap and make your voice count. It’s not just a roadmap; it’s a collaborative journey towards a more responsive and user-attuned future.


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