Frends makes factory automation and resilient operations accessible to manufacturers. Empower your team, optimize resources, and accelerate growth with seamless integration and automation. Our partners and we are here to support you on your journey. Elevate your digital transformation and unlock Industry 5.0 with Frends.

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Manufacturing automation made easy with Frends.

Frends empowers manufacturers with the right solutions, technology, and expertise. By making automation accessible and available to all manufacturers, regardless of their current technological ecosystem, we can help you achieve unparalleled benefits through improved operations and better ways of working, like enabling predictive maintenance and proactive demand management. Frends helps transform the manufacturing landscape, ensuring uninterrupted operations and cost-effective growth with high agility.

Maintaining Uptime

In a fast-paced manufacturing environment, unexpected machine breakdowns disrupt production, impacting the supply chain, increasing costs, and affecting customer satisfaction. At the same time, teams are not given enough insights to plan ahead or to take action when urgent breakdowns happen.

Make maintenance great again

Make maintenance great again

Seamlessly integrate machine data and maintenance records. Easily add AI services to automate predictive maintenance for your team. Receive automated suggestions for future maintenance, enabling proactive actions and minimizing downtime. Monitor production lines and promptly alert the maintenance team for urgent repairs.

CS003 - Monitor lines and provide service

We care about your challenges

Frends embodies extensive integration expertise and a flexible platform, uniquely addressing manufacturing complexities with agile solutions. We know the challenges and have helped leading manufacturers improve their operations in many different industries. We’re also recognized as a leader with knowledge and resources on how to drive change through the digital world.

Demand in a changing world

Manufacturers have growing and diversifying sales channels. Some orders come via eCommerce, others come via EDI files and email. Regardless of how customers place their orders, manufacturers still need a harmonized process to ensure it delivers value consistently for all customers. And as their sales channels grow, so does the complexity of being able to predict future demand.

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Get ahead in your sales

Utilize our pre-built components for seamless order automation and data transformation. Create a unified order process that caters to various customer acquisition methods consistently.

CS001 - Sales order requests to order

By leveraging AI forecasting models through Frends and integrating data from all sales channels, accurately predict product demand and align production strategies. See also Frends for EDI.

CS002 - Sales AI assistant

The impact you make matters

Frends and its partners stand out with its customer-centric approach, deeply understanding manufacturers' unique challenges. It fosters tailored solutions and collaborative partnerships, ensuring every integration aligns precisely with manufacturing needs, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Leveraging existing investments to drive growth

Manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money into building factories that deliver products to their customers. Often, these factories operate with legacy systems, making integration with modern software a complex task. But even as we move ahead, factory systems still need to operate closely to production to ensure as little impact on operations as possible.

Automate your factory, easily

Frends excels in hybrid integration, allowing manufacturers to make the most of their existing infrastructure. With agents that seamlessly connect legacy systems with modern applications, Frends delivers unparalleled advantages for factory automation. This unique capability enables manufacturers to amplify the value of their existing investments, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing the cost of integrating new systems. See also Hybrid Deployment with Frends.

For example, Frends can easily connect manufacturing system to fully automated fork lifts inside a factoryl

Fork lift automation

Your systems, your way

You should never feel limited by what your digital ecosystem looks like. Our mindset is that by using the best of both worlds, we can help create the best advantage for you while ensuring that change can be done in a feasible way. There’s no reason to be a purist about the cloud just for the sake of it. What matters is what purpose your systems services, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or both. You should always be in control if your ecosystem.

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Digital Supply Chain Management

With Frends you can start the journey towards a more modern digital supply chain management using frends EDI (Electronic data interchange) capabilities to first replace existing EDI-integrations or operators for drastic cost savings and afterwards start building Open API's to gradually move from legacy file based EDI messaging to modern API centric messaging to improve customer satisfaction and speed up development of new services.

Automate quicker and easier than ever

Frends makes factory automation and resilient operations accessible to manufacturers. Empower your manufacturing journey, optimize resources, and accelerate growth with seamless integration and automation. Elevate your manufacturing journey and unlock Industry 5.0 with Frends.

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