Frends for ServiceNow

Having challenges with ServiceNow integrations? Frends is here to help. No more black-box integrations, inability to customize or include business rules inside integration processes.

Have the full power of visual low-code integrations in your ServiceNow integrations with Frends ServiceNow connector.

Frends & ServiceNow - Best Friends forever

Frends is your go-to solution for all ServiceNow integration needs. Whether you're looking to push data from another system into ServiceNow, pull data from ServiceNow to a different system, or initiate an integration based on specific actions or data changes in ServiceNow, Frends has got you covered.

Frends ServiceNow Integration Capabilities

  • Ready-Made Connector: Frends boasts a pre-built connector tailored for the use cases mentioned above. This connector is grounded on the public ServiceNow RESTful API, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

  • Versatile Use Cases: While the connector supports most common use cases right out of the box, its flexible design means it can be effortlessly extended to accommodate any functionality present in the ServiceNow API.

  • Secure Access: Prioritizing security, the connector employs oAuth 2.0 based authentication when accessing ServiceNow, ensuring your data and processes remain protected.

Frends - Six reasons for why Frends for ServiceNow

Benefits of Using Frends with ServiceNow

  • Quick and Agile Implementation: With Frends, standard use cases can be implemented swiftly and efficiently.

  • Customized Solutions: Beyond standard integrations, Frends offers unparalleled capabilities to cater to more unique and tailored use cases.

  • Automated Monitoring: Benefit from automated business rule/silence monitoring and detailed request-level monitoring, ensuring an audit trail is always available.

  • Effortless Connections: With Frends, connecting ServiceNow with any other system becomes a breeze.

  • Always Updated: The connector is built atop the official ServiceNow API, ensuring it remains current and in line with any updates from ServiceNow.

Frends for ServiceNow - six whys with happy guy

Supported ServiceNow Objects for Use Cases

ServiceNow Object ServiceNow Object
Account Data Classification
ActivitySubscriptions DevOps
Agent Client Collector Email
Aggregate External Content Ingestion
AI Search External User Mapping HR
Alarm Management Identification and Reconciliation
Application Service Knowledge Management REST
Attachment MetricBase Time Series
Automation Center Order
AWA Agent Predictive Intelligence
AWA Assignment Product Catalog
AWA Inbox Actions Product Inventory
AWA Routing Product Order
Batch Remote help request
Case Resource Inventory
Change Management Scorecards
CI Lifecycle Management Service Catalog
Content Management Database Service Order
Consumer SCIM
Contact Table
CICD Technical Service Qualification
CSM Attachment Trouble Ticket
Customer Central Voice Interaction Resource


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