Product features

  • icon 1 designvelopment

    Designvelopment© Use the combined FRENDS design and development toolkit to do functional and business process definition at the same time as technical development and configuration. The best way to combine the forces of IT and Business in a single tool.

  • icon 2 self-service integration

    Self-Service Integrations Choose from a set of pre-built integration scenario templates or develop your own integration flows. Everything in FRENDS can be done without writing a single line of code with purely visual tooling.

  • icon 3 runtime

    FRENDS Runtime FRENDS executes all integration flows as pre-built in-memory executions ensuring absolutely beastly performance which allows us to use the same tools and methods to build everything from IoT interfaces to long running business processes with FRENDS.

  • icon 4 hybrid scaling

    Hybrid Scaling Scale FRENDS both horizontally and vertically in the cloud and on premise. You decide.

  • icon 5 extensibility

    Extensibility Create your own FRENDS tasks to extend the functionality of FRENDS using only .NET C#. No third party or FRENDS specific shenanigans needed.

  • icon 6 monitoring

    Monitoring Fulfill all monitoring requirements with various monitoring tooling such as; dashboards, real time analytics, business data monitoring, silence monitoring and much more.

  • icon 7 auditing

    Auditing Gain access to all data passing through your integrations to fulfill any and all auditing and logging needs automatically, which can of course be configured to address various data sensitivity issues.

  • icon 8 metrics

    Integration Metrics Get metrics on the performance of all your integrations to enable smarter decisions on scaling options. FRENDS is not a black-box and we want you to see what is actually happening.

  • icon 9 continuous delivery

    Continuous Delivery FRENDS promotes continuous delivery by integrating version control, deployment and testing tools in the platform itself.

  • icon 10 API management

    API Management Utilize the FRENDS API management toolkit to manage who sees which API and where, as well as the metadata and catalogues of each API.

  • icon 11 metadata management

    Metadata Management Centralized metadata and environment management tools allow you to securely and efficiently manage of B2B and B2C data.

FRENDS is recognized by Gartner

Emerging Technology Analysis: Integration Platform as a Service – Read the report

Market Guide for Hybrid Integration Platform-Enabling Technologies – Read the report

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service – Read the report

Market Share Analysis: Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) – Read the report

What's in it for me?

  • check hexacon Cut maintenance costs and initial investment by having a centralized hybrid integration environment.
  • check hexacon Utilize the stream analytics of FRENDS to get meaningful real time data on your business.
  • check hexacon Cut consultancy costs with FRENDS best-of-breed development features and do-it-yourself thinking.
  • check hexacon Use the governance features of FRENDS to enforce best practices with automated version control, testing and release management.
  • check hexacon Use the business friendly features of FRENDS to include business users in operations and development.
  • check hexacon Create customizable views to get the data you need when you need it.
  • check hexacon Use the FRENDS visual development model to document, design and develop integration flows. All at the same time.
  • check hexacon Use the best-of-breed extensibility of FRENDS to bring your expertise to fruition using FRENDS tasks.
  • check hexacon Use FRENDS sub-processes to actually implement SOA with reusable and configurable microservices.



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