Today’s educational institutions go beyond than just providing knowledge on premise. They also strive to create a holistic digital experience hubs that can cover both employee & operational aspects and the student lifecycle.

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Build a reliable campus IT ecosystem

Connect and maintain cloud collaboration portals for faculties, sub-contractors, administration, and students. With the help of integrations, you will be able to automate and pull information from different departments and aggregate it in one place to receive a 360 degree overview.

Use cases:

  1. Reduce manual work by creating event-based triggers to monitor the student lifecycle and progress to quicker address students’ academic challenges

  2. Automate operational and administrative processes, like schedules, registrations, hours count, billing and invoices in one place and in real-time

  3. Integrate 3d party APIs to develop new services, including but not limited to, connecting discount and benefits, transportation, personal identification, and payment systems into one interface

  4. Ensure a stronger data security, data standardization and flow by using eiPaaS solutions

  5. Modernize your legacy systems for expedited service development and cost saving in a long run