Everything required to implement a hybrid integration platform.

Hybrid Integration Is the New Norm

FRENDS is a hybrid integration platform, which means that our goal is to enable seamless integration for you in the cloud, on-premises with any endpoints your business might need.

With FRENDS this is achieved using a distributed Agent architecture, as shown in the illustration, where multiple Agents are managed from a centralized management console each connecting to different endpoints and communicating with each other to create a larger multifaceted integration solution.


Development in FRENDS can be done in five simple steps:

define your integration

Visual Development

  • BPMN Based IDE
  • Compatible with any BPMN based products, like Microsoft Visio
  • Robust UI with copy-paste and other best-practice tools

Active Documentation

  • Visual definition results in an active integration documentation
  • Add data sources, message types and definitions and more
  • Robust UI with copy-paste and other best-practice tools

configure integration steps

Config Not Code

  • Choose Step Type From Our Ready Made Tasks
  • Create your own using C#
  • Configure tasks with meaningful information instead of code


  • Our ready-made tasks are published with open-source principles
  • They should cover 90% of scenarios already
See our tasks at Github

validate & save

Validate Your Development

  • Our integration flow validation ensures you won't make mistakes
  • Reduce accidental mistakes in development by up to 90%
  • Get meaningful guidance when correcting misconfigurations

Save and Package

  • Use our integrated version control to keep track of changes
  • All of your integration flows are automatically packaged to deployables
  • Deploy any integration flow to any enviornment with a click of a button

monitor executions

The Big Picture

  • Monitor integration executions from a high-level point of view
  • Separate integrations in monitor views
  • Configure who gets to see what with each group
View Demo Monitoring View

Dive Inside an Execution

  • View your integration executions in real time using the same visual representation
  • Access all messages in all steps of an integration flow
  • Configure long-term audit trail logging for integration
View Demo Execution

add monitoring and analytics

Business Data Monitoring

  • Aggregate integration flow message data to configure analytical monitoring rules
  • Approach monitoring from the business scenario point of view
  • Use analytics to get real-time information about the business data
View Demo Monitoring Rule

Automated Alerts

  • Configure automated alerts for various situations
  • Integration flow errors, data validation, business logic and much more can be used to configure alerts
  • Customize alerts to your preferred format and delivery method

we think security is important


within the eu

With FRENDS you are always on top of your data.

FRENDS ensures that your data never leaves the EU, by having our iPaaS hosted with Microsoft Azure Netherlands and Ireland datacenters.

isolated environments

Each FRENDS customer has an isolated Virtual Private Network to ensure privacy, performance and reliability.

Don't settle for multi-tenant services when it comes to data protection. FRENDS ensures your data is safe by isolating all customer environments in separate virtual networks.

See our documentation

enterprise support

Enterprise grade support for all FRENDS related services and a high-level 99.95% SLA.

FRENDS & HiQ can offer you help in FRENDS related matters through our services portfolio from installations to integration development.

See our services


FRENDS has a fully integrated API Management Suite.

api contract first

Define Your API

  • Use Swagger to define your API contracts
  • Specify operations, response message types, schemas, authorization scopes and fault situations
  • Edit your contracts on the fly with integrated Swagger version control

Edit in Real Time

  • With the help of SwaggerEditor you can edit your definitions and see the changes happen in real time
  • This way you can flexibly create the needed specification for your API
  • Supports all 3rd party Swagger editing tools and specifications

import your api contract

Create API's From Swagger

  • Create Swagger operation schema bound API's
  • Manage your API endpoints from a dedicated view

Import Swagger

  • Automatically create templates for all API operations
  • Automatically version your Swagger specification
  • Adjust or edit your Swagger specification on the fly

develop api operations

Contract Bound Development

  • All incoming message properties are available to you in the FRENDS integration flow editor
  • Implement the required FRENDS integration flow according to the specification
  • Outgoining message properties and error situations are generated automatically from the contract

Version API's

  • Each API operation has it's own version control, like any other FRENDS integration flow
  • Manage and collaborate around individual API operations to implement changes quickly
  • Automatic dummy API generation based on the Swagger contract is available

deploy api releases

Manage API Collections

  • Deploy collections of API's as API releases
  • Deploy API's to any FRENDS Agent and enviornment
  • Add FRENDS API Gateway infront of your API's to ensure security
View Demo Monitoring View

Manage API Versions

  • Natively supported API basepath version control helps you deploy multiple API's
  • Gracefully deprecate an older API and release a newer version
  • View API version history and revert to older releases
View Demo Execution

add api identity management

Create API User Identites

  • Multiple enviornment user management
  • Generate API tokens to use with API's
  • Attach API authorization rules to API users
View Demo Monitoring Rule

Configure API Authorization Rules

  • API operation level authorization rules
  • Set API rules that cover multiple api endpoints and operations
  • Manage all API rules and users from a single view

work with trusted technologies


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