API Management

Frends offers native API management and API governance features to help organisations to digitalise their business and enable API economy.

Unleash the Power of APIs with Frends

Boost your digital transformation journey with frends, a modern enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS). We understand that APIs are indispensable building blocks in your transition towards a digital future, and we're here to make API management as effortless and efficient as possible.

Why Choose frends for API Management?

APIs are crucial for the creation of new apps, enabling digitalization, fostering new business, and streamlining B2B communication. Their management is as critical as their development and hosting. Enter frends.

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Our comprehensive eiPaaS not only enables you to design, publish, and manage APIs but also provides seamless addition of API endpoints to orchestrate and define backend API logic. No separate API management application required!

Build and publish mini services, small self-contained entities encapsulating a single business function, with ease using our built-in DevOps features. frends takes care of your API management needs, from API execution to process automation (BPA), and even complex integration requirements like scheduled file transfers and conversions.

Key API Management Features

  • Low-code implementation and hosting of APIs
  • Facades for other APIs and legacy business applications
  • API governance and lifecycle management
  • Support for Swagger and OpenAPI industry standards
  • Built-in security measures
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) or support for 3rd party solutions like OAuth 2.0
  • API Gateways for load-balancing and public-endpoints

Uncompromised API Security

We know the importance of security in managing APIs, SaaS, or mobile/web applications. frends offers built-in security measures to prevent common vulnerabilities from the OWASP10 attack vector. Our robust mechanisms ensure the security of your critical systems and provide high-level API visibility through monitoring. Rest easy knowing you have a comprehensive view of your APIs' usage and performance.

Streamlined API Lifecycle Management

Understanding that APIs evolve, frends provides an extensive API lifecycle management system for rapid creation, control, and cataloging of APIs. Ensure a powerful security level during the development and deployment of your APIs, manage multiple API versions with our graceful shutdown feature, and track every change made during the development or production phase with our built-in test automation and visually traceable audit capabilities.

Jumpstart your digital transformation with frends and experience efficient API management like never before. Connect with us today.


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