Frends for D365

Microsoft's D365 continues to grow in the ERP market. Trusted by global players like Coca-cola, Toyota and BMW, among others and recognized as a leader by Gartner and Forrester, it is a good choice as your core ERP. Frends, as an Azure stack integration platform, is an excellent ally for the D365. It handles any data flow incoming or outgoing to or from your D365 ERP, including low-code overall process automation capabilities.

Frends for Dynamics 365 (D365) integrations

It has been a trend for a long time not to go for monolithic solve-it-all ERPs. The problem with solve-it-all ERPs is that they just don't fit exactly your business needs, and the need for customization begins right from the beginning. After customizations, your ERP might be in a state where the upgrade is impossible without large migration and transformation projects. In addition, you might find that you are forcing your business processes to go as ERP dictates, not vice-versa as they should go.

Currently, enterprises choose best-fo-breed systems for specific needs and use one or a few ERPs, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365), as their core-ERP. However, the movement to core-ERPs and best-of-breeds systems leads to the need for a generic, non-ERP bound integration platform. Frends as generic iPaaS with D365 is a powerful combination.

Don't customize your ERP - restrict customization in Frends.

Customer cases with Frends for D365 integration and automation

Frends integration and automation capabilities cover all the modules of D365. Integrations and automations include processes like purchase orders to payment party, Active Directory integrations, HR systems integrations, Payroll partners data transfers, basic data like products to external partners, work orders, project data, hour reports, billing information, warehouse systems, logistics, tax information to legal entities and so on. The list is endless.

###Frends D365 integration and automation

Customer Vertical Automations/Integrations
Turku Energia Energy 40
Lumon Manufacturing 44
Tokmanni Retail 47
Otava Publishing 39
Encore Environmental Services 37
Figure Financial Services 17
Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Energy 21
Tampereen sähkölaitos Energy 22

Why Frends is the best for Dynamics 365 integrations?

The new D365 offers excellent generic REST / JSON interfaces, there is no need for D365 connectors. Frends low-code approach makes connecting to D365 easier than most of the D365 specific connectors in competitive integration platforms do. With Frends, you won't lose the ability to adjust to your particular way of using the D365, as most connectors do. Frends low-code adjusts even when your D365 is customized.


Frends offers seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling you to effortlessly connect and automate data flows involving Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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If you want the fastest time-to-production integration and process automation tool with your D365, go for the Frends low-code enterprise iPaaS.

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