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Accelerate energy management with smart solutions.

 Build and manage seamless interfaces and integrations in the energy sector with Frends, a native Low-Code Platform. Simplify your processes by using templates, ensuring efficiency every step of the way. Our platform guarantees compliance and security, making automation easier than ever.

Start simplifying your processes today with Frends!

Meet the demands of a dynamic industry

As an energy and utility provider, your services must function disruption-free around the clock while adapting to continuous changes in regulations and technological advancements. Utilize modern tools like IoT, smart grids, and blockchain to swiftly adjust to new industry standards.


Monitoring and troubleshooting

Comprehensive monitoring for quick detection and resolution of errors, maintaining operation even during outages.


Connectivity on cloud and hybrid

Support operational processes with integrations for tax authorities, payroll, HR, and master data, while connecting to over 20 industry-specific systems for a comprehensive solution.


Rapid integration

Use prepackaged process templates accessible in the Frends platform for quick and reliable system integration, aligning with energy and utility-specific needs. No in-depth programming knowledge is required.


Efficient Work Order and Data Integration

Manage remote work orders, access essential data, and automate billing processes. Ensure efficient data handling with transfers, conversions, alerts, IoT sensor endpoints, and secure data linking.


Advanced Customer Interfaces and Grid Monitoring

Enhance customer engagement with webshop integrations, open APIs, contract management, and outage information. Monitor your power grid with precise outage maps and fault alerts. 

Three decades of innovation in energy and utilities with Frends

Frends brings over 30 years of dedicated expertise to the Energy & Utilities industry, with a deep-rooted history of providing targeted solutions. At the heart of our platform is a mission to serve the energy sector, which began with its initial development to connect every gas station in Finland. This foundational project enabled seamless data exchange between the stations and a central IBM Mainframe, setting the stage for decades of industry-specific innovation and support.


Industry insights 2024: how to secure renewable energy operations

As renewable energy producers (REPs) face growing operational complexities and tightening margins, Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) emerges as a transformative solution. In this whitepaper, we look into the strategic adoption of iPaaS to address formidable challenges in the industry and insights from customers and industry leaders.

Industry insights 2024


Unlock efficient, error-free operations

Automation is key in reducing costly and streamlining operations. Integrate a myriad of applications and systems to enhance the precision and reliability of your service delivery.

  • Reduce fault risks: automate processes to minimise error and operational costs.
  • Pervasive automation: leverage advanced iPaaS solutions for business automation, including ready-made prepackaged processes, templates, and RPA features.

Superior service

Enhance customer experience with real-time data

Provide superior service with systems that deliver real-time data on consumption and service management directly to customers, fostering greater engagement and satisfaction.

  • Customer-centric systems: automate customer interactions and integrate data across CRM and billing systems to deliver a seamless customer experience.
  • Advanced data management: utilize IoT and smart technology integrations to enhance service delivery and sustainability.
Superior service
iPaaS solutions

iPaaS solutions

Overcome legacy system limitations

Transition away from restrictive and costly legacy systems. Adopt iPaaS solutions that offer low-code, plug-and-play integration processes, enabling faster and less expensive projects.

  • Legacy system integration: seamlessly connect legacy systems to modern cloud applications to maintain continuous operation and compliance.
  • Flexible and scalable solutions: implement iPaaS to facilitate easy integration with existing infrastructure and third-party products without extensive customization.

This is how energy players already use Frends

"The cooperation with Frends allows us to bring added value to our external and internal customers and introduce the harmonious service concept to all our markets in an efficient and agile way."

- Tea Kaivoluoto, CIO at Eltel Networks

"Frends plays a significant role in supporting our strategy. Firstly, it empowers us to maintain control over our system architecture and harness data more efficiently. Secondly, it aids in generating predictive insights regarding consumption patterns in various regions. Lastly, Frends enables us to operate sustainably and profitably."

- Janne Hyyrynen, ICT Manager at Caruna

"In Frends, I found a really good compromise without missing simplicity or the possibilities of heavy technology. The fact that the agents can be run completely locally solves a number of concerns around security and GDPR."

- Anders Lindborg, Solution Architect, Sandviken Energi

This is how leading energy players use Frends to drive business value
Group 933

St1 selected Frends to unify and simplify its API architecture. With the new simplified API solution St1 was also able to reduce the number of unwanted network traffic by 50%.

Path 3-2
Eltel Networks

Eltel Networks uses Frends to streamline IT across 7 countries, enhancing customer onboarding, cost efficiency, and IT satisfaction with over 1.5 million monthly work orders.

Path 3-2
Sandviken Energi

Sandviken Energi has effectively utilized Frends iPaaS, significantly enhancing their operations by making their new process 179 times faster than before.

Path 3-2

Caruna adopted Frends to enhance operational efficiency and improve B2C online services. With Frends, Carina reduces deployment time and streamlines data management.

Path 3-2


With Frends iPaaS you gain


faster integration development with low-code environments


faster connection to Business APIs with global standards


Frends Connectors and prepackaged process templates (PiPs) specifically designed for the energy sector

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