Energy & Utilities

Energy and Utilities are some of the most essential service providers that are expected not only to function 24/7 error-free but also to keep pace with ever-changing regulations and standards. Today they have an opportunity to leverage a wide range of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, blockchain, smart grids, smart homes, and start quicker adapting to the new rules of the industry. The more apps and systems you have involved in your service delivery process, the more crucial it becomes to automate as much of this process and reduce as much of the costly faults risks.

Energy and Utility companies have also a long history and thus lots of legacy and system-of-records. These systems are not easy nor cheap to update. A composable architecture and Integration-platform-as-a-Services (iPaaS) enable modernization in a graceful step-by-step manner instead of the risky and expensive big bang.

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The NOs of On-Premise Legacy Systems

Continuing to rely on on-premise legacy systems can significantly make it complicated and costly for your business to innovate its services and adopt a more scalable and user-friendly operational model. Legacy systems are likely to slow down the development of more complex integrations. On top of that, they will require additional solutions to support on-premise IT infrastructure for ETL/ELT and ESB tasks. As the result, your business is likely to experience:

  1. Lack of data standardisation due to multiple solutions involved in a single process
  2. Increased costs and resources to maintain an ageing legacy infrastructure

In this case, every new integration will come to you as a custom-made, costly, and long project, instead of it being a fast, low-code, plug-and-play style process.

iPaaS Use cases for Energy and Utilities

  1. Implement composable architecture with Frends iPaaS to enable digitalization and graceful modernization of legacy and system-of-records.
  2. Incorporate 3d party products and smart technologies like IoT into your offerings for a more sustainable service provision with iPaaS;
  3. Reduce manual work with Frends iPaaS business process automation, ready made Prepackaged Processes and RPA features - go for pervasive automation with Frends as [Hyperautomation Platform][1];
  4. Build internal integrations with CRM and your own products and services to automate the monitoring of resource consumption, billing process, and more;
  5. Enable 24/7 API layer with [Frends Digital Integration Hub][2] without upgrading underlying legacy and system-of-records
  6. Use Frends process templates to rapid CIS, MDM/AMR and DMS/NIS integrations.

Frends iPaaS energy and utilities features

Frends Connectors and Prepackaged Process Templates (PiPs) for Energy and Utility vertical

Frends iPaaS includes ready-made connectors and process templates for energy and utility sector. Example below shows ready parametrizable process template to between Hansen CX CIS to Salesforce CRM. These are called prepackaged integration processes or PiPs.

Frends process template for energy (Hansen CX-Salesforce)

PiPs enable rapid integration development in the energy vertical line-of-business systems. They are a step toward composable business architecture.

Frends Process Templates for Energy and Utilities

Perfect Architecture for Energy and Utility needs

Frends iPaaS architecture is perfect for energy companies. Fully distributable execution with centralized monitoring. On-premises executions work even if the Azure cloud supplier goes totally down - Frends meets the regulations.

iPaaS Architecture for energy and utility sector

Frends energy and utilities architecture

And yes - everything works with gas and water as well.

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