Game, Entertainment & Media

Delivering engaging and digital experiences can be a demanding task. User expectations are high, and competition is tight. For Media, Entertainment and Gaming industry it is crucial to understand their subscribers and users in real time to tailor the best user-centric experiences, as well as to maintain a well-functioning and flexible IT infrastructure.

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Game development

You can use integration and APIs in development of all types of games: offline, online, and mobile. By using APIs plug-and-play capabilities, you will be able to simplify your game development and build some of the essential features much faster.

User / Subscriber lifecycle

Understand your users’ preferences and usability patterns to always offer them the right content in the right time. By using eiPaaS as your service beck end, you will be able to easily integrate your partner apps to innovate and expand your offerings, and ultimately keep continuously deliver high-quality customer service.

Going online: Diversifying and Digitalizing Your Outlets

Grow your revenue and user base by building high-level connectivity between your media assets and introducing new digital distribution channels. Make your content available via new forms of media and on all types of devices.

Use cases

  1. Get a comprehensive analytics and reports on your users’ behavioral patterns to always deliver right content and increase loyalty to your service
  2. Improve internal communications and data exchange for decision-making
  3. Open up new business and collaboration opportunities by harnessing a flexible and low code eiPaaS environment to integrate new apps
  4. Connect your media outlets to deliver, adjust and customize content in real-time for all types of devices
  5. Speed up and enhance your service development
  6. Improve data security and improve monitoring capabilities