The services industry is all about optimizing the workforce and delivery processes of the services provided. Tens of companies trust Frends to provide full end-to-end automation of their most critical processes while decreasing the time-to-market of new services.

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Ensure a smooth customer service delivery by connecting and integrating your business app stack. With Frends eiPaaS, you will be able to build, deploy, and monitor your businesses processes from the start to end.

What it brings you:

  • Reduced manual work and expedited development
  • Increased reaction time to quicker address errors with the real-time monitoring capability
  • Improved data flow within and outside your organisation with partners and stakeholders
  • New businesses and partner opportunities with the limitless help and flexibility of APIs and a low-code approach
  • Improved customer experience

Use Cases For Services

  • Internal Integrations such as between CRM and your services and products
  • External Integrations such as e-commerce platform integrations
  • Service/Product provisioning, updates and decomissioning
  • Incorporate 3rd party services and solutions into your products and services
  • Offer value added services such as turn-key integrations towards your end-customer systems
  • Create public Open API's with frends and manage the backend processes