Frends for Cities and Municipalities

As cities and municipalities grapple with an aging population and an increasing demand for digital services, the challenges are manifold. Compounding these issues are siloed existing systems, untapped data in legacy infrastructures, workforce attrition due to retirements, stringent cost control measures, and data privacy concerns related to public cloud services.

Frends Enterprise iPaaS offers a strategic solution specifically designed to address these multifaceted challenges faced by the public sector. With its robust capabilities, Frends facilitates seamless integrations, enhances data visibility, and promotes operational efficiency, thereby alleviating budgetary pressures. Additionally, it offers secure options to uphold data privacy standards, making it an ideal fit for cities and municipalities keen on transforming their service delivery models while safeguarding citizen data.

Today, citizens have high expectations that they should be able to perform services smoothly and digitally, which means that municipalities must stay up-to-date to meet these demands. Several Nordic municipalities have moved their integrations to the fast-growing Frends iPaaS. Frends was recently recognized as the only Nordic company in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Cities face lots of challenges. Citizens, who pay the bill in the end, are retiring. Own personnel is retiring, and hiring new ones take time and effort. At the same time, there is a request to "do more with less." It does not help that the systems are getting old, data siloed, and regulated.

Easy to operate iPaaS - Frends - can fix these problems for you.

At Frends, we believe that integration should be a proactive, strategic priority that is planned and coordinated in conjunction with the purchase of new systems. It also involves quality-assuring migrations from older, more traditional platforms and providing a modern, high-quality platform. We have a deep understanding of municipalities' situations. We can help simplify their digital journeys and implement new systems without extensive consulting services. Municipalities also need to prioritize eliminating integration debt, which helps employees in their daily work and thus streamlines operations.

Centralized Integration Hub is a data serving hub

The First thing to solve is how data moves between systems and to the digital front. With Frends, you can quickly move your data between on-premises legacy and cloud applications and even control where your GDPR-governed data is stored and transferred. Also, creating reusable APIs fast is a strength of Frends. The best thing is that your IT department can operate and control these APIs and automations. Instead of RPA recordings, create robust from API to API process automations with enterprise-grade robustness.

City Architecture

Frends offers features from API management and API logic (the reusable data layer) to process automation. APIs enable the digital front, automations bring cost savings, and reduce the need to recruit as processes are automated - so that operating does not take lots of operators.

How to enable smart city?

Frends fully supports standards like OpenAPI and BPMN2.0. BPMN2.0 is used as the low-code language to develop APIs and long-running processes. With features like Digital Integration Hub, and AI-augmented process automation, Frends enables a Smart City. With Frends you can easily create the back-end 24/7 APIs needed to serve for example Citizen Mobile App for your City.

Smart City mobile sample


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