Turku Energia chose frends to be the implementation platform for its new integration project

Turku Energia chose frends platform to implement the integrations of its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Polina Zyaparova

Polina Zyaparova

Towards becoming a more efficient energy company

Turku Energia actively invests in the development of the energy system to achieve higher efficiency. As IT environmnenrtal requirements keep growing, Turku Energia has decided to modernize its production control system and move to a cloud-based server.

Turku Energia has relied on HiQ's frends integration platform since 2011 to build and run integrations and process automations. The company has traditionally been making integrations in-house, nevertheless, the decision was made to outsource the integrations for the new ERP system to frends by HiQ, as HiQ has a long and strong experience in various system projects for the energy sector.

Currently we have several significant IT projects underway, which is why the implementation of integrations also requires a particularly large amount of resources. The cooperation with HiQ has been excellent and they have a lot of experience in similar, large projects in the energy sector. Implementing the development work of integrations with them for our new ERP project was a matter of course in this situation, says Yrjö Kujala, Development Manager, Turku Energia.

Turku Energia - the leading energy company in Southwest Finland

Turku Energia is the leading energy company in Southwest Finland and one of Finland's largest companies in the field. The company is committed to developing the energy sector and being a pioneer in the field. Turku Energia offers its customers energy services that improve the environment, quality of life and competitiveness. The parent company of the Turku Energia Group is Oy Turku Energia - Åbo Energi Ab, which is owned by the City of Turku.

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