UiPath + frends = Next Level of Automation

UiPath robots + frends Integration platform = the most pervasive integration and automation platform

UiPath robots combined with frends Integration platform to a single coherent automation platform. The results is the most pervasive integration and automation platform.

Ever wondered that Robotic Process Automation and automation made with integration platforms or workflow automation tools overlap? Well - they do.

Robotic Process Automation is a way to increase efficiency by automating the manual routines of an employee. Business Process Automation - BPA - is a way to increase efficiency a tenfold by automating the process itself. Integration Platforms - that have the capability of process automation using a standard process language like Business Process Modeling Notation - are the best choice for process automation.

We joined forces with UiPath to provide a pervasive integration and automation platform by packaging frends eiPaas with UiPath. This is something we call frends Path. Frends architecture has execution engines called Agents that run the frends integration and automation processes. Agents run in on-premises, Azure or any other cloud. Now an UiPath Robot can be utilized like a frends Agent: frends process can have "execute robot" tasks where small snippets of RPA are a part of the process automation.

frends and RPI Laptop Mockup

In the frends Path solution, frends' unique process modeling features handle orchestrating, and Customer does not need separate UiPath Orchestator. frends Path provides a multitenant UiPath Orchestator as a part of frends eiPaaS, and it handles job queueing and other management duties. In the minimum setup frends Path solution includes multitenant UiPath Orchestrator, Unattended Concurrent Robot, and a UiPath Studio to make user recordings. Optionally Customer may buy an own UiPath Orchestrator or use an existing one.

By joining an enterprise integration platform and RPA tool together, frends Path can offer pervasive automation and integration tools with a single monitoring view to processes and standard modeling language to all automation.